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Crackpot Prophecy?
The Crackpot Mailbox: The Leveller with an EndTime Heads Up
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Nov 15, 2018, 7:57 PM (16 hours ago)
Against the Goddess is coming true!
The Leveller
For the readers, our man The Leveller here was introduced to me through my Hemavore coauthor S.L. James and the publisher of Forever Autumn Press Mescaline Franklin. The Leveller has written a very telling novel which I have read 6 chapters of, partially inspired by my essay Against the Goddess in which he explores the implications of a transgender future.
Bro, back in 2010-2012 when I wrote Organa and the first 9 volumes of The Sunset Saga, my massive crowd of 3 readers gave me high points on the story and characters, except that none of these three ladies could believe that I had decided that the future was going to be a transgender network of corporate nodes largely managed by ruthless bisexual psychobitches backed up by a 100% homosexual male military and that the only heterosexual men permitted in the hierarchy served as bodyguards/escorts for the insane heterosexual female corporate elite. All of these women did agree that female corporate leaders would, however, all be insane and oversexed by age 45. They just couldn't believe that male genitalia would be largely outlawed and that so many men would consent to having their dicks chopped off or inverted into shallow ejaculate depositories.
As it turns out I was gravely mistaken, in the way that most science-fiction writers are, in the timing of my hypothetical future, by placing the inception of the transgender, corporate, gay future at 2100-plus, not reaching full potential until 2200-plus. I seem to have been a full digit off. Otherwise, I will take credit for the prophecy.
I think I wrote about this early on in an article titled something like Gay Incestuous Time Travelling Freaks.
Well done, Sir.
Can't wait to see the finished work in print.
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