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The Personal Slaves of Technocrats
Crackpot Mailbox: Tony Cox and Discuss the Thirst to Be Owned
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Here’s a fun watch
1:50 PM (4 hours ago)
This seems to be a compilation of shorter documentaries. The first one sounds like Leonard Nimoy IN SEARCH OF. Actual footage of a slave market in Africa. They do the whole ‘check the negro’s teeth before I buy him’ bit. It’s one thing to read about Arab slave trading, but to see video of it, 9 year old girls being sold, tribesman being whipped, on and on, it makes it all the more hilarious when you hear some paleface condemning “islamophobia”.
Soon enough, these same palefaces will compete to be slaves, and look down upon those who have no master. The personal slaves of technocrats and corporate heads will look down with contempt upon the slaves belonging to their master’s underlings. Technology for producing eunuchs is also light years beyond what it once was....
Our entire society has evolved to produce functional eunuchs, and, as you noted, the ability to do a clean snip of the balls and cock is much better than the old days when 9 in 10 African slave men died after having a full surgery and the one that lived was given a quill to depress the urethra hole so he could urinate.
The institution of slavery in all of the ages and locales that I have studied includes no case in which there was an absence of social stratification among slaves. The best example of this was in the autumn 1676 in Plantation Virginia, when the representatives of The King left the Governor's residence after an acrimonious fact finding session and were scandalized that the slave assigned to be their coachman was the very same vile and taboo man who had served as executioner the day before. Executioners were always drawn from the ranks of the murderous class, those already tainted with crime and given the task most vile. The officials wrote a letter demanding an apology from the Governor who told them that it was "the Negro's" doing, that his African-American chief of servants had played this joke on the powerful aristocrats and that the governor would gladly forward the man to be "tortured" and "racked" and otherwise pay for his crime. If we are to believe the Governor, than the most powerful slave in Virginia got away with using other slaves as puppets [slaves belonging to the race in power] to play a joke equivalent to the White House Chief-of-Staff sending a foreign head-of-state to the airport in a cab operated by an unlicensed driver.
The fact is, in any slave society, the masters too become slaves, forced every day to make cruel decisions and that some folk will opt into slavery or remain as a way to wield the power that eventually paralyzes his master with disgust and distaste. Lording it over lesser slaves is in fact the very structure or national militaries, in which the men are all owned by the state. Of course slave hierarchies will exist. The amazing thing to me is that some slaves may rise to positions of power exceeding those of most freemen in the slave state. From Egypt to Athens, to Rome to 1700s South Carolina, slaves of vanquished tribes and races have wielded power over the free men of the nation in which they are owned, with many of these slaves Sudanese, Scythian, German and African Americans among them, being set upon freemen as bullies, overseers, tax collectors, police and militia.
As Postmodern America becomes an oligarchy of the superrich presiding over part time and temporary non-union employees [union activity a direct reaction to recent slavery experience in the 1800s] takes on more than ever the form of a technobabble Rome we will see people sell their freedom with signatures on contracts which will prevent their resignation on pain of ruinous lawsuit in order to inflict their master's power on the masses, thus taking their perch in the devil's pantheon of postmodern social engineers.
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Bob     Dec 28, 2018

Louis Farrakhan's "The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews" is worthwhile in understanding the dynamics of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.
Bob     Dec 28, 2018

Quite the pulpit performer.
Lynn Lockhart     Dec 28, 2018

Google execs are already engaged in "ownership relationships"


Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, reportedly had bondage sex videos on his work computer, paid women for 'ownership relationships,' and allegedly pressured an employee into oral sex
James     Dec 30, 2018

This is fascinatingly not surprising.
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