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Mexican and Brazilian Readers
Crackpot Mailbox: An American Reader Wants To Know
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Question for your Brazilian and Mexican readers
Fri, Dec 21, 2018, 8:33 PM (11 days ago)
Can you ask your Brazilian and Mexican readers to what extent otherwise law-abiding citizens own firearms in these countries? My wife's friend is from Mexico City and she said that they owned two guns because of kidnapping: one for the house and one for the car.
In Brazil, they have strict gun control but the gangs in the favelas have AK-47s and the cops and judicial system are very corrupt. Security is so bad the current president was stabbed when he was campaigning. Why would people in Brazil care what the gun laws are?
To the extent Brazilians and Mexicans don't care about the law, I suspect many don't own guns because guns are expensive.
Thanks in advance.
-Bryce Sharper
Okay, to both of the readers mentioned, I am also interested in the prevalence of knife carrying. In the U.S. in areas I frequent about 1 in 4 men carry a roughly 3.5 inch folding blade. Is there any of this in your country?
Also, if the corrupt police catch you with an illegal weapon will be the most and least common action:
-Arrest you and place it in evidence?
-Arrest you and keep the weapon for their use or resale?
-Let you go and keep the weapon?
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Bruno Dias     Jan 7, 2019

Sorry for not replying this early James, last weeks have been crazy for me.

Concerning why people don't carry guns in Brazil, it's mainly because of the price and because of the law.

About the price: the current minimum wage in Brazil is R$ 980,00 per month (roughly, 263 USS$). A simple pistol (Taurus PT 838, cal .380) costs around R$ 5500 (roughly US$ 1478). By the way, this "minimum wage" thing here in Brazil is bullshit, because you can't even survive making that money. Maybe if you live alone.

About the legality:

Illigaly owning a firearm can get you between 3 to 6 years in prision. Illigally carrrying a firearm can get you between 2 to 4 years. Illigally selling a firerm is between 4 and 8 years.

About the cops:

All three scenarios are possible. Everything deppends on who you are, what is your skin color, how much you can pay in bribes, and what are the circunstances. For instance, if you got caught shooting a criminal with an illigal weapon, but it in self-defense, the cops would probably just take your weapon away, and not even reporting the shots.

About knife-carrying:

As far as i know, there isn't any law forbiding people to walk around carrying knives. But, that might get you stoped and harassed by the cops. So few people carry then, and the ones that carry, do that in a concealed manner (me inclued).

Hope i might helped. Sorry for the bad english.
Bryce Sharper     Jan 9, 2019


Thanks much.

Have you heard of Professor Parabellum or seen Clinton Westwood's channel on YouTube? The cost of fabrication has come way down. The price of a Taurus is roughly 3x what you'd pay in the USA, so it appears guns are only for the rich, kind of like how only knights owned swords in the middle ages. It sounds like you have to make your own. There are plenty of resources on how to do so, but maybe it's not worth it.

Great English!
Bob     Jan 12, 2019

@ Shep:

I'm awaiting a Bolsonaro Bonanza on LiveLeak.
Bruno Dias     Jan 14, 2019

Hey Bryce,

People here usually buy revolvers (.22 and .38 cal), on the black market. You can bought one for about something between R$ 600 and R$ 800 bucks (US$ 162,00 and US$ 216), depending on the quality of the waepon and the caliber.
Bryce Sharper     Jan 29, 2019


Thanks. A co-worker went down to Brazil and visited a favela where he said there was a pile of money on the street no one would touch because of the youth armed with AK-47s guarding it.

Mexico is in a similar situation.

In both countries, the biggest gang appears to be the government.
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