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Ali versus Lennox Lewis…
Bruce Seldon, Michael Moorer and the Elder George Foreman
© 2019 James LaFond
Next to Vitali and Elder George Foreman, Lennox Lewis would be Ali’s greatest test. I would suspect Lewis to get the best of Ali in the early goings, then go for a KO in round 5, then end up getting rope-a-doped in round 6, with Ali then turning up the pace and winning a majority decision tattooing but not really hurting Lewis.
Bruce Seldon was a very good boxer. Ali would began dismantling him mentally by declaring him “Bruce Seldom,” and noting the historical fate of “good” fighters against “great” fighters, which is generally worse than the fate of scrubs against the great. Ali would feint, then punish, then trash talk ruthlessly, probably pitching close to a no-hitter, and punishing Bruce Seldom for the full 12 rounds, leaving him looking like a butcher block.
Michael Moorer would pose a threat to Ali due to his speed, accuracy and power and the shortness of his stature, which would enable him to get inside and counter. Ali would declare him Michael Poorer, making fun of him for buying that used set of hair clippers from that Korean in Florida and as he feinted while Moorer looked to counter, Ali would sneer, “you surer Poorer?” Moorer would likely quit on his stool as he melted down from the psi-ops of Ali. Ali’s bread and butter was destroying light heavyweights who moved up in class and Moorer would be no exception.
Ali would go in against the Elder Foreman trash talking only to discover that the Big Man now had Jesus on his side. Walking forward over his peek-a-boo guard Foreman would prove he had a chin to rival Ali’s in an epic battle, in which George would be cut twice, badly and Ali would be floored and get up once. Ali would most likely win a close unanimous decision or split decision.
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Shep     Jan 21, 2019

Dempsey vs. Marciano?
    Jan 22, 2019

Probably the closest anachronistic matchup of boxing greats!

I would bet on Marciano, which means that Fate would lean elsewhere...
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