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Melee Weapons & Armor
For the GROG RPG: Sections 5
© 2019 James LaFond
Now strength or skill bonuses go into rolling for damage. Physical superiority has already been factored into the combat process. Rather than thinking of strength as some explosive force that permits the focus of some volcanic might, it is more realistic to think of strength in terms of making openings. Imagine the character is an entire football team. In such a context, his strength as his offensive line, the makers of play possibilities for the scoring players.
Rolls of 2 and 12 will result in modified effects.
Since combat is simultaneous, rather than turn-based, a player may declare, after he has rolled his die and before any player lifts their cup, that his roll is being diverted for defensive purposes, and if he scores a success any result of less than 12 by his foe does no damage and a result of 12 is treated as a normal stroke.
Shields and Two-Handed Combat
A fighter with a weapon in each hand, such as a swordsman with a shield, may use whichever weapon to calculate damage he wishes to.
Any fighter armed with a shield, or wearing armor, may use those items to reduce damage, unless indicated otherwise on the roll of a 2 or 12.
A fighter armed with a large shield, rolls his strength or less on 2 D to determine if he catches the blow.
A fighter armed with a medium shield may check against his strength or his agility.
A fighter armed with a small shield, buckler or bracer [a small wrist mounted shield] must roll make an agility check to deflect damage with his defensive arm.
Large shields may be used to defend against 3 attackers, medium shields 2 attackers and small shields only 1 attacker.
Defensive Shield Properties
Deflection 1 D, 3 uses per round
Deflection 1 D, 2 uses per round
Deflection 1 D, 1 use per round
In duels, shields of various sizes, were regarded by the ancient Romans, as offering the same level of protection, though in battle, the larger shield was preferred for use in formation construction and sheltering from multiple strikes.
Material Shield Properties
Arrows and other piercing missiles do not damage shields or count against their deflection limits.
Any shield may fail immediately due to the results of a 2 or 12 roll.
-Wicker or hide shields do ½ D of damage and fail after deflecting 10 points
-Wood & hide composite do 1 D of damage and fail after 20 points
-Wood, hide & metal construction do 2 D damage and deflect 30 points
-Bronze construction does 2 D damage and can only fail due to 2 or 12 roll
-Light steel construction does 1 D damage and fails after 40 points of deflection
-Heavy steel construction does 2 D damage, is the only shield proof against gunshots, may not be larger than medium size and requires a strength of 9 to use.
Natural Weapons
Hands, paws, claws, talons
Human 1/3 D [1-3 = 1, 4-6 = 2]
Empty hand skill of expert/veteran = ½ D, superior/master = 1 D
Man-Sized beast 1 D
Giant, Large beast 2D
Titan, Great beast 3 D
Jaws, horns, tusks, hooves
Human sized 1 D
Large 2 D
Great 3 D
Handy Weapons
Sticks & stones ½ D
Knives, truncheons 1 D
One-Handed Weapons
Sticks & stones, whips, flails [larger] 1 D
Club 1 D +2
Maul, hammer, mace 1 D +4
Sword or Axe 2 D
Two-Handed Weapons
Staff 1 D +3
Spear, pike, lance 2 D
Axe & Sword, halberd 3 D
The damage done by missile weapons are covered in section 4 under Combat Skill
Effects of Armor
When one is hit, and has taken his shield action, the foe rolls his damage while you roll your armor deflection, which is added to any benefit you might have deflected with your shield and you receive the balance of damage in terms of survival points lost.
Padded, quilted, hide, leather ½ D [quilted & padded can be laired with mail]
Cured, hardened ½ D [may be combined with partial plate]
Mail ½ D [may be combined with padded or quilted & partial plate]
Partial plate 1 D [may be combined with any of the above]
Plate armor 3 D may not be combined with other armor types.
A headpiece equal to the armor, padded cap, helmet, mail coif or helm is assumed.
Armor only fails due to rolling a 2 or12.
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