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Slash & Thrust
An Agonistics Guide to Round-Robin Scoring with Blades
For our upcoming agon, on Saturday 4/19/14, we won’t have any reliable score keeper. The absence of seconds and time keepers is not an issue as this is a blade contest. I would like to return to something we did in the very beginning, in 2000, out at Riverside Park: a round-robin point elimination format.
We will fight with an uneven number of weapons, in rounds.
Each fighter begins a round with 5 points.
Fighters engage from oldest to youngest.
When a fighter is struck cleanly, without countering within a beat, he steps down and loses a point.
The next fighter in the rotation [which will alter during the round] engages the fighter who scored.
Mutual and countered strokes are re-done until there is a clean point.
The last fighter with a point remaining wins that weapon round.
If there is a tie after the agreed upon number of weapon rounds those two fighters shall fight a five point round with a weapon set determined by the losers—a famously unsympathetic demographic—to decide the day.
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