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Some Seminar Outlines
© 2012 James LaFond
Contact Weaponry Demonstration: 2012
Moderated and Performed by Modern Agonistics Practitioners
Contact Weaponry for Survival, Experimentation & Sport
The demonstrators introduce themselves and their specialty.
Adaptation Notes
The moderator addresses the two big issues facing empty-hand fighters and skilled weapons practitioners who take up full-contact weaponry.
1. Empty hand to broken hand
2. The non-contact proximity distortion
Sparring Sets
1. Rattan knife
2. Rattan Stick
3. Rattan Stick & knife
Survival Set
The moderator addresses the relative lethality and behavioral trends for edged and blunt-extension weapons.
1. Rattan Stick versus steel knife
Experimental Combat Sets
1. Polypropylene dagger & steel buckler
2. Steel knife & steel buckler
3. Polypropylene sword & shield
4. Machete & shield
Sport Combat Sets
1. A stick-fight [2-minute, 5-point split self-scoring]
2. A submission stick fight
Q & A Session
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Edged Weapon Defense Seminar
By the author of The Logic of Steel: A Fighter’s View of Blade & Shank Encounters
This seminar concentrates on the context, behavior, methods and outcomes of edged weapon encounters. It is intended to benefit the person concerned with defending against and/or with an edged weapon.
The Environment
1. Exceptions
2. The likelihood and behavioral nature of edged weapon encounters
3. Legal prejudice & the blade as taboo a weapon
4. Disparity of force considerations
Edged Weapon Types
1. Razors
2. Shanks
3. Folding Knives & Cutlery
4. Sheath Knives & Swords
Edged Weapon Uses
1. Holding, Showing & Warning
2. Parrying, Pummeling & Throwing
3. Slashing or Stabbing
4. Slicing & Stabbing
Edged Weapon Postures
1. Leading
2. Overhand
3. Ready
1. Awareness and avoidance
2. Improvised defensive weapons
3. Grappling options and considerations
4. Running away!
Question & Answer Session
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