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Raspberry Sherbet
Ajay is Calling and Stevedore is Stalling: A Writer’s Dilemma
© 2019 James LaFond
I swear to Odin upon her prodigious, cinnamon rump, that this phone conversation happened, one Tuesday afternoon in early March.
Ajay: Hey, Baby! Are you crazy letting people know that you have a black slave…in this day and age?
James: Well, it’s the truth.
Ajay: Oh My God! And what are you doing? It’s sounds like traffic. I thought you were writing this time of day.
James: Well, Stevedore refused to finish Seven Moons Deep—the novel I abducted his black ass to complete—until I went to the dollar store to get him a raspberry sorbet.
Ajay: [Silvery laughter] Okay, two things. One, you said you’d buy me and make me your slave and you didn’t and I’m pissed about that. I was born to serve white men—you know it’s true, Daddy! And now, not only are you holding some other negro than me—it’s a dude? What the Eff?
James: Look, I’m broke. I couldn’t even buy you a train ticket—had to put Stevedore on the mega bus and he’s all bent about that and holding out for sherbet, no orange, raspberry! As soon as I make some real money I’ll buy you straight up.
Ajay: You promised, Daddy and I’m holding you too it!
James: Actually, I’m second-guessing this slave-owning thing about now. I mean who is the slave here, and what’ up with this raspberry sorbet?
Back at base, a chocolate-toned man of wise rede, not nearly as hunched at 122 years as that shiftless crackerman who warmed this seat with his pale ass is at 56:
“That’s right Massa Jimmy Jim, who’s the slave now? Why don’t you just head down that road wondering what’s up with the raspberry sorbet—and while you at it, go catch me some purple rain, you illiterate muthafletcha! Heh! Man thinks he gotz me but who gotz da man—jus’ like that fresh fool Lightning Hopkins back in nineteen and sixty fo, thought he’d keep his guitar! Heh!”
And the clack of a keyboard echoed up from the garage to the perch of Slick Joe Crow…
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Don     Apr 8, 2019

Would Ajay's perspective & intention make her a priestess?
    Apr 9, 2019

With a slave girl fetish. These two roles often interact like this.
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