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‘What Books Will You Complete This Year?”
Crackpot Mailbox: Ethan of the Deep Wishes to Know What Cracked Pottery is on the 2019 Menu
© 2019 James LaFond
Thanks, Ethan, for your kind inquiry.
I will cover about a year out, which is as far as my brain works, so let’s say to February 1, 2020 with a glimpse at long range plans, as I expect 2020 to form a watershed, ending the current phase of my writing career.
This far this year I have completed the following works which I expect to be published within a year from this time, depending on the enthusiasm for them shone by my editor and various proofreaders—what has grown into a book-making force with more moral authority concerning my work than I assign to myself, for they have kindly volunteered to render my writing into professional publishing standard volumes. I am sure Charles is eager to fix the sentence I just haphazardly constructed above...
-This Island of Broken Men, nonfiction
-Knuckleheads and Wonderboys [games for fathers & sons]
-Weak Devil, nonfiction
-Under an Iron Crown, fiction novelette
-Letters from the Fall [my contribution to Civilization Decomposes by Jesse James Bowie], nonfiction
-Book of Nightmares, fiction novelette
-Seven Moons Deep, fiction novel
-Confessor, fiction novelette
-American Dream Boat, fiction novelette
All of the above were completed between January 27 and April 5, I think, of this year.
For the rest of the year I intend to let the millions roll in from my offshore accounts while Chiquita brings me another margarita. However, I have every intention of finishing the following books in the following months, somewhat dependent on where I will be and what books I will have access to, as I use mostly hard copy books for my history sourcing.
-May: Meat Puppet Masquerade, nonfiction [80% complete]
-June: A Dread Grace, a 2-volume Military History, 4 years in progress [80%]
-July: The Spiral Case, science-fiction novel, 5 years in progress [70%]
-August: Beyond the Pale, fantasy novel, 2 years in progress [20%]
-September: American Spartacus, Volume 10 of 13 of the Plantation America series, another phone book on European American enslavement [50%]
-September: That Kind of Man, a privately held biography of a friend’s grandfather not for publication but to be kept as a family heirloom. [20%]
-October: Wendigo, horror novelette
-November: an as yet untitled book of essays, articles and book reviews
-December: Nightsong of the Nords, the sequel to Reverent Chandler, novelette
That’s 6 nonfiction and 4 fiction for the balance of 2019. I expect 2020 to look similar if my health is similar, beginning with to fictions in January before I take a serious look at my itinerary for that year, as where I am and what time of year depends on whether I write fiction or history or nonfiction and what kind of fiction.
-January, The Filthy Few, novel, 2 years in progress [20%]
-January, Thunderglut, a Tribes yarn, novelette
For the balance of the year I have a great desire to complete:
-The Thirteenth Tribe, Volume 11 of Plantation America [40%]
-Paleface, Volume 12 of Plantation America [10%]
-A History Denied, Volume 13 of Plantation America, the capstone book of the series [30%]
-Sold, a Novel of Plantation America [35%]
From there I plan on dedicating my Plantation America work to writing novelettes with appended historical notes about some of the million and more lost souls sunk into the American Mud before it was paved over with the Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
-White Sky Canoe, the 12th and final novel in The Sunset Saga
After That?
If I’m still lucid come 2021, I would like to settle down to writing an adult novelette or a short history narrative for boys every month, collect my essays and reviews in an annual omnibus and otherwise behave like I’m retired from the scat race.
Starter Book List
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