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The Shanking Video
Saturday April 19th 2014
Charles, Craig, Cory and Erique fought for nearly 3 hours in a round-robin quadruple-elimination weapons event.
Fighters fought each round according to seniority, with Charles, the senior fighter, leading off. Each fighter began a round with 4 points. When he submitted, the fighter lost a point and went to the bottom of the order. The round continued until only one fighter remained with points. This is the first time we tried this since 2001.
Round 1 was sharkee knife, with Craig retaining a single point, having lost two toes to big Cory Bracken intentionally stomping on his foot
Round 2 was double sharkee knife with Charles retaining a single point
Round 3 was rattan dagger & shield with Charles retaining a single point
Round 4 was rattan toothpick with Charles retaining 2 points
The fighters than engaged in a series of non-scoring submission stick-fights to raise money for our host school.
Round 5 was rudius & shield with Craig retaining 2 points, and winning the prize gladius.
Of the 16 points each fighter began with the standings were:
Charles 4
Craig 3
Cory 0 [and two trophy toes]
Erique 0
Charles won the Balkan mail cleaver that I put up as a prize.
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DKApr 28, 2014

You guys look good and move well, nice job!
responds:Apr 29, 2014

Thanks Damien.

Do not forget that November 2nd will be 'No Agon For Old Men', with the two oldest guys fighting the rest in tag-team stick fights. The last time I checked you were nearing my side of the Mountains of Decrepitude. Do you want to be the other old man? I could use someone with a ground game on my side. Doc Lumsden is still putting drunk drivers back together at the ER and we can't have him breaking his hands.
Adam SwinderApr 28, 2014

Those new mats look absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to bring my fighters up.
responds:Apr 28, 2014

We can't wait to have you Adam.
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