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'In the Coming Years or Decades'
Unearthed Crackpotn at The Sanitarium
June 24, 2019
If you are aware of the cultural and social decay in the west, you will agree that the challenges are great, and many; almost burdensome. If you are not aware of this decay it will be made clear to you in the coming years or decades (depending on where you live) as the decay finally becomes apparent and present in everyday situations. Violence will no longer only be depicted through our various mediums of media as exceptional situations of violence. It will be brought to your front door and to the streets you once walked freely. If you are looking for a primer of what a complete manifestation of this decay could look like there is a podcast you should listen to.
The Crackpot Podcast, created by James LaFond and Lynn Lockhart is the newest addition to my listening. If there is a podcast out there that has something for the great harvest of knowledge, this is one of them. LaFond and Lockhart make clear the disaster that is growing in the United States with in-depth discussions of Baltimore, MD, also known as “Harm City.” Their work is a commentary and report on social and cultural decay from the front lines...
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