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'"Tolerance" is a Very Bad Thing'
An Electronic Dialogue with Lloyd De Jongh and James LaFond
© 2019 James LaFond
The following dialogue is an outgrowth of a conversation I had with Lloyd in June at a Pennsylvania Martial Arts seminar, where he was the standout instructor, as described in my article ‘I Blame White People’.
Lloyd De Jongh
Jul 8, 2019, 9:10 AM (2 days ago)
Hi James
So wonderful to hear from you. I read the article and liked it. I need to read it again, since it's been a busy few days with me on the road.
[redacted, personal]
I spent time watching Archie Moore fighting, and see the unconventional style he has. He had this almost lazy right to the body that crumpled his opponents to the mat. I noticed he simply put it out there and his opponent effectively walked into it, since he didn't punch it out. He does drop his weight at the critical moment. Also, he positions himself and then punches (or places the shot in the gap), which is another method I noticed that I have been teaching and doing.
This encroachment upon modern thinking and culture must be opposed, we're giving in to people who don't create or contribute, they demand, they are resentful and jealous, and tear down what came before to replace it with dangerously destructive utopian ideas that have failed over and over again in the recent past. America's values must be protected from its enemies.
If you ever want to Skype I am online [redacted]. FB keeps banning me for making accurate historical posts they don't like ;-)
I have to run soon, but will leave a comment and read more of your writing.
Lloyd, when you were demonstrating crowding behavior as an aspect of predation for those fit, modern, American men—hardly any of whom had ever witnessed true predation—the fellow Baltimorean and I were grinning from ear-to-ear while everyone else in the room was puzzled until you said to the dupe in the self-defense scenario, "That's right, just stand there like a polite white person." Then the people got it, that you were teaching behavior—and then were relentlessly driven from the understanding of behavioral cues by the moderating instructor who continually exhorted for bio-mechanical training footage and reduction of combat to an athletic exercise rather than the management and reduction of developing combat situations.
As you presented—in an economic training environment—scenario building and aggression management methods, the business-minded and athletically-oriented team you were working with continually diverted from social reality to athletic utopia. You were so much more advanced than your hosts in understanding violence that they struggled to qualify or contain your experience and your offerings within their closed utopian ideal of combat.
This is a mirror of the larger modern, Western society, wherein a handful of aggression-experienced people like ourselves are caught between an uncreating, unthinking, entitled horde of invited enemies and their hosts, creating, thinking and titled—but lost in the dream of their own shared creation to the point where they might as well be a lotus eating god who has lain down to dream eternity away while his temple is looted by the feral guests that have been invited by his own self-deluded priests.
America, in its current state, in my view, is lucky to be assailed by waves of hate-filled criminals and entitled invaders who do not value its moral pillars, because the foremost moral pillar of American civics is that a man does not have a "right" to self-defense, but must seek an exemption from the State for usurping its sacred monopoly of force. In the face of so many mind-numbed meat-puppets dangling from the strings of our social media puppeteers, it is my opinion that only rampant ethnic violence targeting European Americans has the potential to unravel the emasculating cocoon of social convention that the Great American Sissy has been gestated in and within which he yet dreams his grovelsome, utopian dreams.
Lloyd De Jongh
Jul 9, 2019, 2:52 AM (1 day ago)
Good morning James
Sure, please post it. I hope the readers won't think I'm prejudiced towards white people. Half my family is white on my mother's side, and thus under threat in South Africa. My message is that we should never tolerate behaviour antithetical to the values we hold dear in the West. Accepting low class behaviour is just rewarding bad behaviour, which prompts more bad behaviour because it wasn't reprimanded and rebuked. "Tolerance" is a very bad thing, and has led to a rise in negative social behaviour.
Now we see endless shaming of good people with false accusations of racism, sexism, invented prejudices and fake hate crimes. I have no desire to see these regressive attitudes that kept Africa in the Stone Age until the late 1800s grow in the West.
I posted a historical photo of the Nazi SS Islamic division, which was their largest single division. It was led by the uncle of Yasser Arafat, who was a volunteer for the Nazis, became a Nazi SS General promoted by Hitler and was also the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. FB banned me completely for 7 days. I did a 7 part series on Islam on YT, and after 11 years in the Middle East in a National Defense role for a US company I watch events in the world with a critical eye.
UnSpun 137 – Lloyd De Jongh: “Introduction to Islam: Quran, Sunnah and Sharia, Part 1”
UnSpun 137 – Lloyd De Jongh: "UnSpun 137 – Lloyd De Jongh: “Introduction to Islam: Quran, Sunnah and Sharia, Part 1” Live on Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time ...
I'm glad to be in touch. I'll check the Podcast today.
Lloyd, luck to your South African relatives. I cannot agree more with your objection to tolerance. Think about tolerance in combat terms. Tolerance is the amount of poor handling, abuse and filth a weapon or a body part used as a weapon can handle without breaking or jamming. Tolerance may be a necessary aspect of an alliance, a negotiation, a bad situation. But the fact that tolerance has become the moral cornerstone of the West can mean only one thing, that the West has lain down to die. I'm apolitical and see myself as documenting the fall of one world, perhaps to be read by the sons of another. And, as a writer, I admire your attempts to rose the drugged giant that spawned our very means of communication.
I hope to speak with you and Lynn on the Crackpot Podcast some day.
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Bryce Sharper     Jul 10, 2019


Like James said, the West has laid down to die, including the US. This is necessary for a new order to be built.

I don't know how much safer the Netherlands is than SA, but I think you've only climbed the mast of a sinking ship by moving there. Personally, I think we're all better off living around family and friends in the long run. If you must leave, bring them with you.

Robert Spencer at JihadWatch has been saying many of the same things you have for 15 years with the same results. Western liberals want to die and the rest of us can't have a civilization while they betray it. Personally, I'm planning on enjoying myself while they burn civilization with the help of their sodomite and Latin American friends, unless they jail me or otherwise persecute me, which is likely.

If you both would like another platform to cross-publish on, let me know.
James     Jul 12, 2019

That other platform would be great for Lloyd, so I forwarded him the information, Bryce. Thanks.

If you think anything that I have written would be particularly good for that site, just make sure that Identity Dixie hasn't done their own posting for it and if they have not feel free to use it.
Shep     Jul 12, 2019

Using "tolerance" as a shitlib watchword always seemed like an own-goal to me. You "tolerate" something negative that you can't cure or escape from. You "tolerate" an injury or illness, you don't "tolerate" peak health and fitness. You "tolerate" a dreary rainy day, not a clear and sunny one.

These people are stupid.
Lloyd     Jul 13, 2019

The death of the West is by no means organic. It was and is planned and executed as military doctrine. It has a form and structure, it can be interrupted.

Despair is part of the outcomes the perpetrators want to foster. Don't help them along by your passivity.

They can be beaten, it isn't hard.
James     Jul 13, 2019

I think that open attacks on law abiding Americans by criminals supported by the government is a boon—because it is a warning that only the passive can ignore, and they are already dead.

It is a fact, however, that no empire has been resurrected from failure in its former guise [other than the Assyrian], Republican Rome died like all civilizations and was followed by the imperium which was followed by the Hellenized/Roman rebirth and by many other empires, which have all died, as will the American empire. What I see as the great danger is the idea that men should not fight aggression, that only governments can, which is the deepest source of passivity.
Lloyd     Jul 14, 2019

Warfare has changed. It's no longer about kinetic warfare.

Ideological warfare of the type perpetrated against the West right now is designed to create frustration, with the known direct consequence of lack of trust in government and leadership, leading to despair and fracturing of groups. Divide and conquer, in the modern day.

When we say government, we really should intend Leftist governments. Infiltrated governments. Co-opted governments. Communists and Jihadis in government. Let's be specific.

Details matter.
James     Jul 15, 2019


Looking forward to speaking with you about this. I am particularly interested in your views on Anarcho-Tyranny when we do a podcast.
Bryce Sharperb     Jul 14, 2019


You wrote,

"The death of the West is by no means organic. It was and is planned and executed as military doctrine. It has a form and structure, it can be interrupted.

Despair is part of the outcomes the perpetrators want to foster. Don't help them along by your passivity.

They can be beaten, it isn't hard."

I agree with you on one level. In the visible realm, there's nothing difficult about beating "them." You are ignoring the invisible, spiritual realm where this defeat is occurring according to the sovereignty of God - something which some of your ancestors would have doubtless agreed with.

As I wrote in my "Crackup of the US" series, the West has made itself a dead carcass spiritually. This is obvious to anyone with sense. Therefore, as James said, there is no altering the course of history. Augustine saw a similar problem when he wrote "City of God" just prior to the Germans' sack of Hippo and the destruction of his bishopric which was his life's work.

We on this site are anything but passive. Sometimes I despair until I pray and lay hold of the spiritual reality and the victory assured by the resurrection of Jesus and the new heavens and new earth. This gets me up in the morning to live piously doing my duty to God and family.

Nevertheless, this civilization is finished and praise God that it's over. Just like a condemned house must be demolished before a new one can be built on the same land, so must the West be demolished before it can be rebuilt.
Lloyd De Jongh     Jul 15, 2019

Bryce, I may know more about the subject than you realise. I was writing a short comment, not a book.

Ideological warfare is moral warfare. Some would say it is about feelings, but those are transient and unreliable. Morals stand firm, so these ideologies are modelled on religious behaviour. The old morals that would reject the intended ideology have to be removed, and new morals implanted, since those provide reliable motivation to support the new cause as righteous. (Demoralisation leads to Remoralisation)
James     Jul 17, 2019

I'm really looking forward to having Lloyd on the podcast so he can describe his observations and views.
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