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Overton Railroad Report
Myth of the 20th Century Crew Seeking Primate LaFond for more Experimentation
© 2019 James LaFond
One of my greatest experiences as a failed writer has been to have the contents of my damaged brain passed around and commented on by the Myth of the 20th Century Crew, like a council of Grey scientists wondering how the Sasquatch Race could have ushered in modernity only to hand it over to their ill-mannered midget cousins to squabble over...
And, Lo and Take hold, from the ether came this:
Available next week for Myth of the 20th Century? (7/22)
Tue, Jul 16, 10:39 PM (2 days ago)
James - it's been too long. Are you available next week (Monday) by any chance?
Any topic you like - your recent book on women sounded fascinating - but we're up for just catching up. Always good talking with you.
Hope you're well,
Adam and the Myth Crew
Adam, thanks.
I've finished 18 books since we talked last and am suggesting the following:
Harm City Update from the Overton Railroad Vantage
I've been back to Baltimore a few times, lived in other cities and even slept on the sidewalk in Manhattan and would like to discuss some observations in the realm of continued urban blight.
The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
Ongoing research into Plantation America is continuing to stress the divergence between what happened and what we are taught happened in Early America. I am currently working on the last four volumes simultaneously and have been declining to post some findings online so I can continue to write for publication.
The Uncivil War
This examination of the gathering shadows of our high tech dark age is my current modern book project, which should run to 4 volumes by this time next year.
Soul of the West
My two decades of research into ancient combat and the more recent work on masculinity has crashed my Dread Grace project on feminine influences in western warfare and turned it into a series of four books, including Sons of Aryas, Shades of Aryas, Hounds of Aryas and Daughters of Aryas.
American Dreamboat
I have done fictional treatment of America in 1948 assuming that current technological and sociological trends continue.
Glad to see you men are on Bitchute.
Talk to you next week.
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