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Charles versus James
A Modern Agonistics Challenge
© 2014 James LaFond
I am Charles’ regular sparring partner. We take turns coaching each other. He takes it easy on me. Last May 24th we met in various bouts and I came out on top by about 2-1. At the time he was murdering me in sparring. After viewing The Shanking Recap video, I received two e-mails and two phone calls as to how good Charles looked; as to how he had raised the bar with stick and blade, and particularly double-stick.
In 2002 Aruro Gabriel honored me with his black sash, not because I knew his system or could teach it, but so that I would represent him as a fighter. Gaje snapped up Rico Arus and Gabriel had to settle for this beat up old dog. I still have that black sash hanging in the dressing room at the dojo in case any stick fighters show up with a 1970s style chip on their shoulder. I think it’s about time Charles and I sort out who’s the sparring partner and who’s The Man. On a day to be determined by Charles, I’ll fight him in the following. If he wins he can have Gabriel’s 20t Century sash and the nasty responsibility that comes with it.
Blade bouts will be best of five.
Stick bouts will be pure NHB submission.
1. Sharkee daga
2. Sharkee tanto
3. Sharkee daga & tanto
4. Rattan toothpick
5. Rattan toothpick & shield
6. Double rattan toothpick
7. Short stick & daga
8. Short stick
9. Double short stick
10. Short stick & stick
11. Stick
12. Double stick
13. Stick & shield
We need a second and a camera man.
There it is young man, a challenge from the endangered combatant list.
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Rico Arus     Sep 21, 2014

Need a sparring partner?
James     Sep 21, 2014

Yes Sir!

Email me at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com

I would like to do a lot of light sparring to keep me on track for our few upcoming meets without breaking anything. Actually, we have based our current sparring format on the light bout you and Aaron did at the agon in 2006 and it has been paying off well. We are doing our full contact sparring with the sharkee knives and 16 inch sticks which we use to simulate bolos, bowie and toothpick knives.

Gabriel and I are at the dojo at noon most Sundays.

It would be an honor to train with you again.
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