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‘Silence Drank the Voices’
James LaFond's Impressions of From What Hell Have You Crawled, Chapter 4 of Robert E. Howard’s Hour of the Dragon
© 2019 James LaFond
Gianni’s illustration of Conan forced down by four hyper-masculine slaves as he is weighted with chains before his ancient-countenanced master, is a starkly powerful piece.
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Conan suffers the fate of some million of historical European souls, being held as a slave by a Semitic master who makes cruel demands of him as he is manhandled by the Semite’s brutal ebony servants, in this case four giants. Conan’s captor, Xaltotun is an awesome figure of nightmare and piercing mesmerism, with even “a weird nimbus” plying about his head, with an aspect of ellusiveness giving the captive the impression that the fiend of dignity had stalked forth from some vile dream.
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