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'To Spawn as Many of My Kind as I Can'
Crackpot Mailbox: MRT and James Discuss Anarcho-Tranny* Weaponry and Fat Girls!
© 2019 James LaFond
* Yes, it's a typo, but I'm keeping it, Ham Slice. Dat's right, give ole "Stolen" Stevedore a drink, Big Man!
MRT commented on 'We Were Commodity' Sep-6-2019 2:01 PM UTC
Thank you for this artcle, I can say I feel honored .
I've come to about the same conclusions as you did and I instinctively already follow your advice
-Do not speak your mind in public, to women, at work, on social media or ever believe that you have a “right” to free speech, for we do not, nowhere on this planet.
For some Decades now I know what happens to dissidents, I watch how I talk but I do act as a Wasp.
-Do not get involved in politics, ever. Democratic politics and demonstrations are designed to lure dissident thinkers into making themselves know to the ruling apparatus.
It is a scam. I was never asked about anything the State did ,except my vote every four years and I am not convinced they tell me the real outcome.
-Be tactically aware and lethal, with or without a weapon.
Most people are on lala land and don't pay attention to the surroundings. I am the complete oposite. As far as being lethal (in reality be able to TKOB in case of SD) I am working on it, started again on GPP so I won´t get injured as often as I used to and I am going to mma style training starting with boxing again to ease into it and from there on to the other stuff, I am not sure on weaponry though, I'd love some of your insights on that.
-Teach your children, early, and in secret, that the government fears and hates them and that the corporations have decided to exchange Europeans for Asians, Africans and others.
I preach that to close ones who I consider Family and who I know will listen. Very very few.
They want us wiped and they hate us, my goal is to spawn as many of my kind as I can.
-Commit acts of good will on your own.
I am on excellent terms with everybody girl (except one girl who said I called her fat, which I didn't really, but she is).
James i got many anecdotes about life , politics and history from around here (north and south Europe) not Baltimore Ghetto quality but it 'll give you an other perspective and of course many questions on the fighting arts (Bare handed combat, Knees and balls kicking, JKD, Combat Sambo, Stombing, Sap slapping etc.) where can I contact you so I don't spamm your comment section?
Sir, I am honored and you can contact me for any purpose at jameslafond dot com at gmail dot com
Any question you send as an email will be posted as an article ASAP.
There are two free resources available through the tag above that says Modern Agonistics.
There are training videos posted there and also videos linked from Lancaster Agonistics, as well as some fight videos.
I have no clue with guns, have never lived anywhere where I could legally own and use a gun for self defense or carry it for same.
As for other weapons, the most important is the knife. You must learn the knife.
The complimentary weapon is the stick, which generalizes to bats, canes, clubs, boards, machetes, swords, tools such as crowbars, hammers, axes, batons, tire thumpers, flashlights and pipes, and is necessary to learn in order to maximize your knife footwork and your ability to evade contact. Knife work encourages proximity and often discourages aggressive bridging of distance as well, depending on whether you work survival drills or dueling, both of which are a must for knife mastery. The knife learns much easier than the stick, so work them both as a complimentary set. Note that the stick and the knife are each the nemesis of the other. They go together like sword and shield or rifle and bayonet did in other ages.
Machetes will become the weapon of choice for street violence as our government overlords import African, Mestizo and Islamic militants to drive us from the streets and keep us in check. Machete is much more like the stick than the knife. Recall that the U.S./Russian instigated street fighting in the Ukraine was more like medieval battle than modern warfare.
Fat girls? I always make sure I have a fat girl somewhere for a cushion. I do understand that most men are not into fat girls like I am. However, treating fat girls with visible respect, compassion, empathy and kindness, without trying to get them in bed, is a great way to land quality pussy of athletic, petite and standard body types, as that babe that every guy wants to fuck sees you helping that fat bitch across the street with her grocery bags overflowing with comfort food that she snuffles down in the middle of the night because nobody is dropping their dick in her mouth, notices that you are not taking advantage of the poor plumper for your base pleasure and will say to herself, "What a decent man? And, after I have his babies and get fat, he won't treat me like garbage! Saddle me up!"
Get spawning, Bro!
Speaking of which, a fighter of mine has just given me great spawning news and I'd like to be informed in the future of your clan's hopefully exponential growth.
I recommend the following books of mine for combat, in the order in which I think they would serve you best:
If any title is too pricy, just send me via paypall what you think it would be worth for a pdf and I'll send it your way.
1 The Violence Project
An Omnibus Volume of James' First Two Books
2 Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting
3 The Punishing Art
4 Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
‘Would You Guide a Group of Young Men?’
modern agonistics
Man Weekend 2019
sons of aryаs
masculine axis
shrouds of aryаs
honor among men
son of a lesser god
blue eyed daughter of zeus
let the world fend for itself
MRT     Sep 7, 2019

Just send you an e mail James.

Fat Girls are two edged sword , my exprerience is they Pussy Blocked me , making so that we have something going on so others go away

Congrads for the spawning news and i ll keep you posted about mine , though it will take some time.
James     Sep 8, 2019

Women are all two-edged swords, so I prefer the dull distaff blades.
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