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Team Inebriation versus Team Sober
An Agonistics Anonymous Update
© 2014 James LaFond
Since Charles suggested a drunken agon we have received some feedback. Doc Lumsden suggested we film it as a public service, as a demonstration of how impaired drinking makes you, especially when you are really good at something. We now have a lot of applied skill in this group which focuses his point. Doc has been tired of sewing drunks back together for some time it seems.
Brett cannot legally drink.
Erique cannot drink and fight as a stipulation of his recently amended marriage contract to the peaceful and sober Aphrodite.
Craig is looking to cut weight for boxing.
It seems that we have the makings of a Team Sober: Brett, Erique & Craig.
Cory is very keen on drinking and fighting—guilty, Master of Ale, Team Inebriation!
It was Charles’ idea—guilty, Captain, Team Inebriation!
At my age I could use an excuse to lose, so I’m in—guilty by disassociation, Team Inebriation.
Thinking back to Doc’s idea, this puts total years of experience at 12 for Team Sober and at 32 for Team Inebriation, pitting sober will against drunken skill.
Also, as this will be a team fight, we should have some two on two action. For safety it needs to be symmetrical, and cohesive, so guys are not getting totally blindsided. Here is my idea for team stick-fighting.
Each team advances two fighters, a left-handed fighter, and a right-handed fighter, who must hold between them a short stick. If either lets go of the stick their team loses.
We will have to work out rules and such in sparring and see where this goes.
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Charles     May 2, 2014

This is a clever development.

And I think the line should read more like "Sober Skill against Drunken Will" !
James     May 3, 2014

You are the captain...
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