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Pedestrian Good Samaritan
Useful Tool for Checking Tire Pressure with James LaFond
© 2019 James LaFond
Yes, I have decided that I should travel the country checking tire pressure in exchange for rides in trucks and such How else can I pay back the many motorists who have given this asphalt ape a left?
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Tony     Sep 15, 2019

Truck drivers universally refer to these as tire thumpers. If you are driving a tractor and trailer you have 18 or more tires. The most practical way to check your tires is to merely thump them. These are sold at every truck stop I've ever been in. I'm not so sure these would be useful for a passenger vehicle.

Many a trucker has stories of beating in a fool's head with their tire thumper. My tire thumper is metal and rests above my front door.
James     Sep 15, 2019

My tires have two legs, and I sincerely hope I never have to check more than four at a time!
Manny     Sep 15, 2019

James. You are so very kind to be performing this service for the motoring public. Under-inflated tires are a real safety hazard on the road. They also decrease fuel economy and tire life, which are ecological hazards and contribute to climate change. Your altruism is truly remarkable and commendable. Warms my heart and makes me proud to call you my friend. Best regards, Manny.
James     Sep 15, 2019

I'm honored.

Please tell Mom I'm being good!
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