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'Against the People'
The Zman: Thoughts On Civil War
In the best brief treatment of the subject Zman points out that the Left and Right across the country think they see civil war and that both sides are mistaken about how such a conflict would play out.
For instance, the Left is sure the cops will continue to side with them, but do not realize that police forces dissolve quickly in civil war situations, because they are not tasked for combat but suppressions and top-down terrorism and are manned by fuck-nuts and cowards. Chittum, in his book, suggest that police will feud with each other in such situations, and my contacts in law Enforcement suggest the same, as racial fraternities already exist within police departments ready to go after each other.
Zman also points out that Right wingers who think they have all the guns do not realize that the same people who run Antifa run the military, which brings us to his biggest and best point. Civil Wars are fought by forces controlled by elites on both sides, and there is not a single elite faction in the world that does not favor the replacement of European peoples by non-European peoples.
These are just some of the reasons why I see a continued "uncivil war" in which strife between rival ideological and ethnic groups will serve the power structure by terrorizing European Americans on one hand, and getting the ones with balls on the other hand, to single themselves out and paint a big target on their forehead by engaging in street theater so that they may be swept up by civic authorities at the behest of deep state agents.
The Left will not be permitted by its globalist handlers to set up a revolutionary government and the Right will not be permitted to defend themselves against the Left. We are in a long period of decline which might eventually erupt in a positive rebirth for some form of ethnic European resurgence as a tiny minority somewhere. The only chance the Eurocentric Right has of winning any kind of civil war is if modern civilization collapses, and precious few of these folk, who all seem to pine for a return to 1954, would be willing to give up soft drinks and the NFL for something as banal as God or Humanity.
Below is one of many salient quotes from the article.
"The main trouble with the civic war bogeyman is no one bothers to imagine how it would be conjured in the first place. Civil wars are fights between two or more factions, led by members of the elite. The American Civil War was a fight between New England elites and Southern elites. Modern elites, not just in America, but across the West are in lockstep on every important topic. It is inconceivable that they would take up arms against one another. If anything, they will take up arms against the people."
His most telling statement, something I thought only I was pushing is:
"Ruling class whites have a deep loathing for the rest of white America."
I would add that this has always been the case, and is the very foundational structure of America. Indeed, it was intrinsic to the idea of whiteness, which was invented as a Western, post-Christian, extra-national concept by early modern intellectuals, with the very concept of whiteness predicated on deep caste divides among those sharing that label of indistinction—a term that begs for compensating distinction and is therefore prefect for the cultivation of elitism as a replacement for cultural identity, the very source of celebrity cult activity, a social aberration with no antecedents prior to Modern western society and the invention of the concept of whiteness.
Whiteness is:
-Anti-Theistic [specifically Anti-Christian]
-The Current State and Media Pariah Class Label, with the only "whites" permitted to operate outside state and media sanction being the corporate elite who control the state and media.
I'll save the rest of Zman's insights for you to read.
Read more of the insightful article at:
Under the God of Things
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guestSep 19, 2019

Right wingers also forget other external factors, such as Canada sending in troops, hell California would probably request, and get, military help from China!

Who would send help to a right wing rebellion, Israel?
responds:Sep 19, 2019

One thing that Chittum points out is that Civil Wars are always externally funded, the French funded the Founding Fathers, the Brits built commerce raiders for the Confederates and supplied weapons for both side's armies, the Persians supported the Spartans against the Athenians, etc.

If you gave your women to their pimps, the Albanians might help out American Right wingers...
Steve LovettSep 19, 2019

I read this online and saved it, but i disremember where I read it,pity-"9/11 taught us goverment will exploit tragedies to destroy civil rights,spy on American citizens,militarize the police,and funnel trillions in cash to contractors and corporations all while prolonging foriegn engagements to keep the fire fueled.

But it also taught a generation of young men how to be gunfighters and field medics,and they were made to learn the hard way advanced military and police forces can be effectively mitigated through violent guerilla warfare in the streets,and now they're all running boogaloo/liberty social media and gathering in dark corners of the internet and they're fuckin pissed."I wish I could remember where I got this.

I don't know how usefull gunfighting skills might be in a future civil war,but for what its worth I can attest that the insurgents were wearing our asses out in Iraq with home made roadside explosives.

And now weaponized drones are becoming a thing.
responds:Sep 19, 2019

Thanks so much for this quote and the reminder that the most noxious cloud has a silver lining.
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