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'Even in Menace'
The Thrust of a Knife: Chapter 6 of Robert E. Howard’s Hour of the Dragon
© 2019 James LaFond
Reading from pages 120-130 of the DelRey edition
The illustration is darkly set in shadow with Conan gauntly powerful and appearing almost like a Comanche warrior, which might have pleased Howard, and seems to have been based on the original Weird Tales depiction of Conan from Red Nails, with Zenobia cringing beneath his shoulder.
Conan is depicted from the outset of the chapter being held in the grip of a deep fear and fleeing up the stairs in panic, where he is reunited with the beauty, Zenobia, a woman of real fears and desires...
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Ruben Chandler     Nov 20, 2019

I was a Yippie, never a hippie. Robert E. is, I'm sure, the progenitor of a spectacle I witnessed at an Amboy Dukes concert in 72 or so. When Ted was introducing the then new song "Sweet Revenge" song he talked about how the Mad Cheese Grater would deal with being assaulted by a punk wielding a pocket knife. "If he cuts one inch on the arm or the leg, certain pagan heroes of legend would go home, get their six foot sword, return and shove it up that person's ass". Loved Ted then.
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