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Crackpot Mailbox: Some Anarcho-Tyranny News for the Week
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I will be attending to a fighter who is being locked into a cage with another knucklehead this weekend and will be offline until Monday November 25.
The Smartphone Cops?
This happened to a guy I've known my whole life...
Wed, Nov 20, 7:46 PM (12 hours ago)
The final part of the Comments section tells an interesting tale:
The TSA’s SOPs are wildly unconstitutional to begin with, but it seems that they are taking things to an entirely new level. If I, as a cop, had ever just walked up to a random group of pedestrians and demanded to search their pockets and purses, I would have lost my job, and my home, and done time in the Big House. Now citizens’ electronic devices can be scanned at will by these tools? And who-knows-what inserted on their devices for later “discovery” during another “random search”?
I guess, at the bare minimum, the lesson is to put your phone in checked baggage so “they” can’t have access to it when they pull you out of line for a spot of the ol’ rub-and-tug.
Information, to be useful, must be shared.
[redacted]...he is particularly upset about this issue because he is a Heritage American whose ancestors came West in literal covered wagons and fought in the Army Infantry in both World Wars. To have this happen while watching burka-wearing employees slouch around the airport is doubly infuriating. Obviously, this “procedure” has nothing to do with actually fighting “t3rr0r”.
Juan Stabone
Cracked Pottery Echoing
Look, the year after America were supposedly attacked by Muslims, the Patriot Act was pushed through and has since been enforced to a large degree by Muslims against traditional Americans. Bro, the fix has been in for some time! Just as air travelers have been telling me stories of Muslims searching them while people in traditional Muslim garb and from foreign countries are being expedited, I have had experiences with foreigners refusing me service in my home town and the DMV making me spend over 10 hours proving U.S. citizenship while "U.S. Persons" walk around me in the fast line getting their I.D. in 20 minutes while mine took something like 12 hours over a month's time, largely because I could not prove I was in debt, because I was not, and without debt or credit statements I was nearly unable to prove my citizenship after having let my I.D. lapse. The lesson is, that to the extent the government will tolerate legacy Americans in the future, it will only tolerate us as credit serfs.
Optional Gender News
ACLU on International Men's Day: 'Men Who Get Their Periods Are Men
The ACLU is trying to erase the fundamental and useful distinctions between women and men from dictionaries, culture, and the law. “Men who get their periods are men.” the ACLU tweeted on International Men’s Day, as it pushed the claim that pregnant or menstruating women can become men by declaring they have a male “gender identity.”
Whoooaha! the social construction of gender.
John Wayne Wagner
Cracked Pottery Echoing
Bro, I'm in love. That "world's strongest woman" should be having my sons! I love the way she approaches the bar. I've always been enamored of broad-backed women. If you are one of the meatheads in the video, please tender my introduction to the lady. I guarantee she will be smitten by my deviltry. The lady in the background is a dish to be sure, but I'm getting up in years and could use a "ten-bucket" woman to haul my pack up the mountain next year...
Speaking of which, I think that more uncompanionable women should be welcome as men, as it will elevate my relative T-level among masculine claimants. When one is real, the claims of frauds constitute a picture frame from which we might shine as the genuine article of the truth.
Wed, Nov 20, 9:04 PM (11 hours ago)
Interesting to hear your take on the Bronze Age. That manifesto is being seriously discussed by lots of “conservative” big-brains, including #2 son’s favorite professor at his college.
The guy may seem frivolous, but he is able to get into the readers head and heart in a way that purely-intellectual writers cannot.
I find his twitter feed to be much more enjoyable and comprehensible than the book, and when I try to explain it to people, I describe it as a mixture of humor and education as a celebration of beauty and excellence. BAP speaks of a world where people consistently function at top levels of their mental and physical potential in an environment that blends the best of nature and technology.
But that’s just one elderly white man’s opinion…
Cracked Pottery Crumbling
Anything that makes young men want to roar and makes the sheep bleat in their fold is commendable. The greatest enemy to young paleface men are their predecessors, lingering, whining, watching football and pining in support of everything sissy, from The Policeman Is Your Friend to the idea that civility is the greatest virtue; an ideal which somehow persists as a mass mind-control mantra even as the rudest of us, including the Orange Man on his Twitter throne, increase their influence according to the volume of their baying. We live in a world that has turned us into dogs and the kennel masters feed the ones who bark the loudest. This ironically gives those with the presence of mind to follow the example of the wolf rather than the lapdog or the hound an extreme edge in any conceivable crisis.
What Triggered the Global Warming Hoax
Most folks do not realize that the British government came up with the idea of the greenhouse effect, triggering man made global warming, which has since been edited to manmade climate change, utterly ignoring the input of the SUN as a variable. The bitch queen Thatcher, put her nerds on discrediting coal-burning in response to the labor crisis discussed in this podcast to make way for more nuclear power. That is how apocalyptic Christianity was repackaged as the self worship of Manmade Climate Change, the idea that what us stupid apes burn on this planet has more influence on its habitability than what the SUN does. To test this out all we have to do is turn the sun off for a year, and then—oh, wait, there would be no then. According to this mass hysteria Icarus would negate the Sun's rays with the beat of his wings. The Myth of the 20th Century crew is once again covering subjects that the best of us have forgotten.
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