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‘Words of Respect’
How Brother Took Vengeance For His Brother
© 2019 James LaFond
If one wonders why knuckleheads like me, especially ones who were never able to accomplish anything in the ring or gym other than get hurt, are literally enthralled by boxing as a modern ritual, just view the video account of Corie Sanders’ war with the Klitchsko [I could try and spell it 6 more ways and still fuck it up] brothers.
Vitali, the older brother, would have beat the piss out of any of the classic heavies, specially Ali. I have never seen a big man with so much chin and such a high work rate. His better looking and admittedly harder punching brother was more brittle. The idea of brotherhood so strong appeals to a man from a family-phobic society. Foreman might have caught him. But Vitali would finish in the top four of any conceivable heavyweight time traveler single-elimination tournament.
There was also fighter solidarity shown between the various opponents of Sanders when he was slain by a gunman for being what he was, brave, and not to a fault. Better a man should die defending his country than do as we Cuckmericans have done, and grow soft watching it die.
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