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‘You’re Good!’
A Lesson in Self-Doxing 101
The local pharmacist, a proprietor, has ever been efficiently helpful, something that has ever impressed me as I pay with Medicaid and he doesn’t know my name, but does make sure to call me Mister LaFond after I inform him of my identity.
Yesterday I walked into his business with a refill slip for my anti-seizure medication and also to pick up the new prescription. He has permitted me to pay cash for refills ahead of time before as I told him I travel out of state most of the time.
As I took my hat off he looked up sternly and said, “I’ll be right with you, Mister LaFond.”
He came over to the counter and I handed him the refill slip, noticing that he had the new script in his hand. He threw the refill script in the trash with some venom and as I began to ask something he said, “You’re good!”
I made to show my ID and sign the panel and he said, “You’re good!”
I then tendered a thanks, “I’d really like to thank you for working with me…”
And he cut me off, slapping the new prescription and sliding it closer to me, “You’re good!”
As he stalked, angry and shoulder-rolled, back to his terminal I began to ask for my discarded refill script and then recalled that when I had thanked him before for working with Doc and Me I had told him I was a travelling writer.
An icy chill down my neck informed me that he must have googled me and discovered that I was evil and was not going to traffic in my cures anymore than necessary.
I doxed myself.
Lesson learned.
I then recalled that some members of my family were horrified Thanksgiving weekend when they heard that Wal-Mart was selling my books, that my toxic ideas and inappropriate observations had found a place in mainstream retail, with monthly, half of my 25 print book sales going through the discount retailer.
More than that, I should, since Wal-Mart sells my books despite my evil thoughts and ways, use their pharmacy, as they have locations all across the land. So much for supporting the local guy. Faceless, soulless corporations can be less critical of dissent than a small shop keeper around the corner.
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