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On Hunger
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist and James Discuss the Warrior Value of Fasting
© 2020 James LaFond
The text below is primarily from a bright young man from Europe who understands that his every waking and sleeping breath are taken in combat with the evil world of man trying to eat his soul even as the neutral world of nature stalks the kosmos in the hunt for his material vessel. For the record, I like his eschewing of capitalization and have not corrected it, for neither of us give much care for convention.

Sun, Dec 29, 2019, 4:01 AM (4 days ago)
An adult man can impossibly express the feeling of hunger without coming over like a whiny little bitch.
I sometimes take fasting breaks over mostly three days where i eat absolutely nothing. Other people do it for longer but i mostly just manage three days and then i wake up with cramps and that sort of stuff. Still i manage that and then imagine yourself in a situation where you are for example out with the crew or camping or what ever and you have a person even many years older then you whining and bitching about that he's hungry and that we wants some fast food or whatever. I should have punched him in the gut back there.
Hunger is a great method of testing a mans character. It exposes low impulse control, lack of patience, selfishness that sort of thing.
Once we were camping during winter and we were roasting a rabbit over a fire and while it was roasting the hours dragged on so someone was starting to eat C-Rations, sould and that sort of stuff, using the headlamp while doing so. When the rabbit was done i told him to get over here and shine with the light so that i can cut the rabbit up in parts. He refused, continuing eating his fucking instant soup, proclaiming that eating for him is a visual experience. So i had to go over there and tell him, listen you dumb useless fuck, if i make a mistake here with the knife having nothing but the pit fire to give some light and i splinter a bone that later someone chews on and gets up his gums this is a much bigger problem then you wanting to see your fucking soup while you stuff yourself before everyone else eats.
He didn't last long.
I always had a bad experience with men who can't control their hunger. Immature little bitches.
PS: I heard you on the third rail, which was a good episode.
But, europeans do not remember american soldiers form WW2 as tall. Contrary, there was a rumor among the americans that the germans are all six feet tall. The real situation was that the germans were average height, but the american foot soldiery was made up of the lower echelons of society and grew up during the great depression, which means they were often smaller than the european average. This concept that americans are tall came later with the boomer draftees that all got raised on TV dinner and corn syrup and when i was in the states i was surprised how normal it was for people to really stuff themselves. Like stuffing, eating without even really chewing before your brain even realizes your stomach is full. So shortly the stereotype emerged about the tall american it was replaced by the fat american.
By the way its really interesting when you read personal stories of us military personal what motivator regular meals were. In the first world war the army ration was like 12 ounces of meat and during ww2 one poor farmers son could fly an aircraft over the pacific and come back to base to steaks when his alternative was to milk cows for a dollar a day.
Battle In The Mind : Hunger

In viewing my life in review:
-fat boy, eating what I was told to
-psycho teen, eating as an inconvenience
-cog in the wheel, eating according to convention
-broken wheel, eating when necessary
-active fighter, eating as an inconvenience
-bizarre street freak, eating only when someone reminded me
-store manager, eating when a frail reminded me
-cog in the wheel again, eating for survival, rounding out and resulting in...
-fat fuck, eating as cheap as possible
-thinning hobo, eating when necessary
I have corelated these periods of slave eating to being regarded as prey and periods in which I was too busy to worry about food at all to times when I was regarded as a dangerous creature by strangers.
I have revisited the pleasure of an aching hunger always gnawing just enough to remind me that the worlds of men and of gods seek my demise in their various crooked turns. I never want to be satiated again.

Martial stories of hunger abound, with some notes below:
Heroes of agony and war were renown for their ability to lift and eat entire animals, from Milo of Kroton eating extreme quantities in competition at sacral events to Babyrs the Mameluke being renown for eating an entire lamb at a feast. Extreme drinking among warrior societies also abounded, with various Khan's of the steppes dying from this practice. The mead hall of Beowulf is such a place, as were the military tents of Alexander's companions.
This had three purposes:
-1. to demonstrate vigor and recall feasts of old when booty was dispersed among raiders and the terminus of hunts when a starving folk feasted like lions after a long period of dearth. The athletic contest and feast afterwards recalled this specifically before the ever-judging gods.
-2. to reward the pre-battle fast, when long marches, quick movements, little sleep and the inadvisability of cooking fires, brought men to battle as famished as winter wolves.
-3. For Аrуаn and other steppe's folk, the nomadic migration, as seen in the Aeneid, when Aeneas slays seven stags to feed his famished folk, is recalled in its last, settling phase, by the round-up and slaughter of livestock and game and the feast, with the agons of the Ancient Hellenes certainly collective, ritual recollections of earlier migrations and conquests, complete with many references to pastoralism in the conduct of the contests. The dietary dearth of the nomad is not the grinding and dehumanizing dearth of the farmer's famine. Also, the meat-based diet of the hunter and herder does not promote maddening hunger like the grain diet.
There were practical reasons for the warrior diet and the pre-battle fast:
-1. logistical
-2. lack of waste in the gut to cause infection and slow movement [1]
-3. the keening gnaw of hunger to awaken the predatory sense
There was a downside, demonstrated by an army of Eastern Woodland Indians who fasted for three days, failed to bring the enemy to battle and then began to starve, and when attacked, ran out of gas and were captured and tortured to death by women.
There were also keen reasons for the grain diet in the history of soldiers:
-1. Due to the grinding, 18-mile march every day and the labor of building a fort at the end of it, the Roman soldier hated a meat diet and loved his grain. This soldier was primarily an engineer, a laborer, a war slave.
-2. The massive numbers of lower quality men put into the battlefield by a civilization against a nomad or hunting people, could also be kept in the field far longer than the hunter and pastoralist who will have to move on to replenish. Thus the strategy of civilized armies against barbarian armies from Rome to the American Frontier, was to advance a force, have them build a fort and defend their position while at the same time destroying the local ecology to prevent local resupply by their savage enemy.
Meat may be the food of the hero, but grain is the fuel of the machine which feeds soldiers into its grinding maw. Both recall the ancient Аrуаn experience, by which the barbarian invader sought to maintain his physical and metaphysical autonomy by adopting a mixed diet, with the nectar of barely and the grape, depending on the climate, providing a tonic for tale-telling gatherings in tent or hall, as the firelight licked at the darkness into which no folk wish to fall.

-1. A general in the American Army, invading Mexico in 1848, was paranoid about getting shot in the gut and dying of blood poisoning. So he took a laxative which worked so well that he was left shitting himself during the battle.
Merry Christmas, Snow
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