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Boning the Bitch-Queen
Crackpot Mailbox: Dissent and Knucklehead Dissent with Riley and Viking Age Barbarian
© 2020 James LaFond
Below is an inspiring video of a real dissenter of the pure type, which has inspired me to link it as a prequel to the fact of my knucklehead dissent from the instructional worship of the feminine combat form by the various YouTube faggots linked below.
First, youtube sword fighters are all basically wimps who have found a safe way to fight without getting punched in the face.

Vladimir Bukovsky - My Life as a Dissenter - YouTube
Sat, Jan 4, 7:02 PM (9 days ago)
The eyepatch giveth thee a piratical cast. Here’s a crusty dissident dog who never STFU.
Sent from Riley

Now to the meat of the sub-par subject.

A Black Knight rises to Defend Andrew Klavan
Sat, Jan 11, 6:28 PM (2 days ago)
James, I have been following the Andrew Klavan controversy, where he made the common sense observation that women can't sword fight, meaning with the full medieval kit, not with fencing toothpicks. A lot of YouTube sword "experts," some with thin arms and large bellies, rose like white knights to defend the feminist honor of women. Klavan got the weight of two-handed swords wrong, and he said 100 % of women, and of course, out of sheer statistical noise and randomness in the universe, all such total generalizations will have counter-examples, but with suitable qualification, Klavan is right.
The master should charge into this debate. use a title that search engines will pick up with "Andrew Klavan" in it.
-Viking Age Barbarian

I have no idea who Andrew Klavan is [I did not watch his video, but the other two videos so as not to be influenced by his reasoning, which I hope makes sense to you, Sir.], have just watched these bitch-witch videos of heroine worship.
Sir, there is no ground for debate here.
Also, I don't debate. I prefer to let stupid folks remain stupid in order to elevate my relative level of intelligence with zero effort at self-improvement.
First, the heroine actionist, the female Conan in every movie kicking shit out of men, is a reflection of our money death cult. You see, we worship money, and the money left to be had by expanding market shares for adventure film, gaming, TV, and comics, is, just like with the NFL, to gain new female viewers, who spend more than men. The elevation of the bitch to battler is of utmost importance.
I guarantee I would destroy any of these sword twerps in a stick ight. In fact, I could line them up and beat their asses over and over again without a break.
Why did I say stick fight?
Because that is what an armored sword fight is!
Also, the modern version of a sword fight is going to include mixed extension weapons and blades, with most big stuff being blunt.
Also, I have done unarmed machete dueling and can tell you that psychology against steel when you are not armored, eliminates 90% of men from contention. Men who could beat my ass with a stick have wilted with steel. This is the woman rising in them. So, when the combatant is all woman, its a done deal.
Now, to the current evidence, who has hacked up people with swords and sword-like objects?
I have, once butchered a big fat faggot who was beating up my little brother.
Salvadoran gang bangers in Baltimore.
Big negroes and Africans around the U.S.
An Asian twerp in Towson MD against a home invader.
Duncan tried to chop off a negro head with a shovel in South Baltimore.
No babes that I know of.
This is primarily because women generally lack the psychology necessary to butcher people who need butchering. They have someone else do it for them and then suck the killer's cock.
Since we no longer have armor to contend with in real violence outside of the fantasy and sports arena, what would be the crux of the boning of the bitch queen if I fought some whore sword to sword?
-Lack of killer instinct, which 70% of normal men and 90% of postmodern American ivory men also lack.
-Speed, speed is the big dog as it is based largely on strength. Stronger men are faster than weaklings. Men are faster than women. It is largely a mater of strength supported by relaxation which translates into functional combat speed. The woman or modern male cunt freaking out over the prospect of getting cleaved and cleaving, will be tense and not relaxed. The real man will zen-out in his thirst to cleave and have more strength to unleash as speed. Bio-mechanics of technique to minimize speed inhibition, such what these faggots are talking about as combat equality of the sexes with the sword [often called the "Queen of weapons" and "the white arm," because it's technical facility permits a weaker man more chance against a stronger man than with axe or club or staff or spear], is where the instructor will naturally focus. I, as a coach and fighter, focus on the combatant, the actuality of the actionist, not the theory of the technique.
Look, I have a better technical jab and foot work than Cassius Clay ever had. Put me in a time machine and have me lace up the gloves with that big negro and I'd never hit him in a hundred years and get KO'd ever 10 seconds until I died.
Strength and aggression are key components of functional speed.
Now, specifically with the sword or large knife, with any blade heavier than the sissy small sword, epee and sports saber, forearm strength is not only predictive of speed, but also power and is key to keeping the edge-on as the blade begins to turn and or fish-tale on contact. Women, even strong women, tend to lack wrist strength.
There is then bone mass and body mass. When I cleaved Hug I came within 1 inch of removing his forearm just below the elbow. If I would have taken that same stroke, my smaller arm would have been sliding across the floor. If Megan Fox had taken that stroke, well, hell, I'd a cut clean through her pretty twig into her pretty head. That makes a difference in avoiding a mutual kill. The big man, like a bear, can take damage and kill you before he dies. The women is even at a greater deficit against the man because she also lacks bone density and has less lean muscle. Sticks and dulled blades and untrue or poorly times edges landing at an angle, will actually glance and bounce off of and out of muscle and dense bone, but will just channel through fat.
Most importantly, sword-fighting, that is fighting for your life with a machete or shovel or sling blade or sword against some group of thugs armed with bricks, bottles, bats and maybe a chair—the chair being the best counter to the edged extension weapon—requires the ability to shoulder-butt a man on his ass, stomp a downed ankle and crush it under boot, stiff-arm a chimping-out ebon warrior, sustain brick shots to the head while yanking your machete out of some twerp's fucking shoulder...
Look, fighting is ugly and the entire point of these two faggots in their two videos is that since they are financially vested in a female viewership and since they make their money—not the one faggot who is just a commentator, but the scholagladiotoria guy—as instructors and technical exports, they tend to avoid discussion of factors that may override technique and cause sports such as wrestling, boxing and MMA to be divided into weight classes and by gender.
Look, size is always a big deal in hand to hand combat, and men are bigger than bitches. To truly understand this, compare a really fit woman to a really fit man in the average range, a 5, 5" bitch against a 5' 10" man, and you will see two very different beings, the larger of which is designed to not only defeat and abduct the smaller, but to inseminate her against her will.
It is about time that the few surviving men in the Western World bone that bitch-queen on her media altar.
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