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Crackpot Mailbox: the Man from Uncle Wants to Know if He Should Choke-Out Some Tunckle
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What’s your take on the BJJQ?
Man from Uncle
Tue, Jan 14, 12:09 PM (23 hours ago)
Videos attached below:

Dude uses BJJ in a street fight and WRECKS the other guy's BONES!!! - YouTube
Tue, Jan 14, 12:08 PM (23 hours ago)
It should have read stupid Bantu done dirty by white devil.
Look, that skinny kid was using integrating MMA, of which BJJ is a crucial part.
Do note that he could have had his head kicked in by the big Bantu second of his victim had not that ebony official been honorable. But never fear, all ebon warriors are stoked with honor and would never pile on...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu vs Street Fighter - YouTube
Tue, Jan 14, 12:16 PM (23 hours ago)
This was the real deal, pure BJJ against a big dull-whited Bantu.
This was in a martial arts school.
On the street, if that Bantu had a knife, the BJJ guy would be minus a kidney, a spleen and a lung, possibly his life.
Look, if you practice only one combat art.
And that art does not employ a weapon.
And you are in a controlled, honorable contest.
And you are only fighting one dude.
And you want to fight.
And the contest is unarmed.
And you are not in Baltimore where any downed ghost gets stomped by passing Bantus.
Then BJJ is boss. It is the best way to fight in an unarmed, one-to-one contest there is. That said, BJJ stopped winning in MMA some decades ago, because integrating fighting is what you need.
There we are with fighting.

How much of non-sports violence in Baltimore [your future, wherever you are] consists of honorable, voluntary contests?
In 2000 that number stood at 39%.
In 2016 that number was 1 in 41 and I'm too fucking stupid to make that into a percentage.
In 2017 that number was 0% for me out of 20 encounters
In 2019, of all the encounters I had and have had related to me, that number stood at 0%
What trains you the best for dealing with empty hand, edged weapons, blunt weapons, packs of feral Bantus and attempts to grab you?
The answer is the one art that BJJ men hold above all but there own, Boxing.
A boxer can't stop a BJJ guy from single-legging him, but he can break or prevent the clinch of an untrained goon.
A boxer does well every time his first time, in blade to blade, because his time and measure is the same.
Empty against the blade he can range out.
Against a blunt weapon he can take a shot and clinch.
Most importantly, since almost all violence begins with a sucker punch, the boxer, unlike the BJJ guy who does not box, can take that shot and fire back, or draw his knife, or clinch.
I had an opportunity to train with the Baltimore BJJ Club when it started, before it became Team Ground Control. I coached two of its members and boxed against one in an exhibition. John Erwin, who still instructed BJJ a few years ago and got his purple directly from Henzo, told me that I would never get any good and could expect to get hurt because I had a seriously injured lower back and a torn rotator cuff.
I have since trained with men who have been injured in those areas doing BJJ. So, since I'm an old guy, its a waste of my time and a hazard to try and be a human anaconda. I can wrestler better than most men, have no desire to engage in street fights or MMA and will stab the shit out of any goon who tries to grab me, especially if I think he knows what he is doing.
I really think that every young man should practice BJJ.
It is the most expensive martial art, so I never would have been able to do it as a young man. In fact, I could not afford karate. That is why I boxed.
If you have the money to pay for BJJ, and you are under 40 years of age and/or uninjured in the hips and shoulders, I would definitely do it.
However, know that most Americans who now practice BJJ do so with a parochial disdain for any other fighting art, denying the fact that pure BJJ has been extinguished in the cage by MMA and that most of them are terrified of being punched in the face, unlike their courageous Brazilian gi-gods. So, take BJJ in an MMA setting, where boxing will be present. I coach in such a place and can tell you, that most of the BJJ guys on the mat look on at us stick sparring and boxing like some prehistoric marsupials gazing up at T-Rex and Triceratops doing battle, with no desire to round out their skill set.
In the end, it is obvious who your attackers will be on the street, and as evidenced by these videos, they almost always lack the discipline to even understand grappling. They will:
sucker punch you
club you
stab you
shoot you
stomp you
cleave you
and mob you.
Tyrone and Jamal would probably end up shooting each other over an argument about how to properly slap a heel-hook or armbar on you.
Men need grappling experience and skill, if only to humanely inseminate their frails.
However, against a pack of Bantus—your most likely attacker whether you are Bantu or not—rolling around on the ground with one savage while the others stomp and stab and punch you, is probably not your best option.
As for a grappling option, why not take a page out of the UFC, the big dogs of MMA, where the best predictor of championship success is the level at which one wrestled: Lesner, Coutre, Jones, Lidell, Coleman, Frye, Sukarabu "the Gracie hunter" who out-grappled three men of that BJJ clan.
You see, wrestling is free. And if you get good at wrestling, BJJ guys will roll with you for free and you can pick up their skills that way.
The reason why BJJ has become cultic in the U.S. is because it offers the promise of invincibility without the need to ever be punched in the face, or stabbed, or whacked with a stick going 100 miles per hour. It is the prefect core art for an MMA fighter, or law officer and is also the perfect marketing art for the sissy who is unwilling to get punched. That said, those men who practice BJJ and also box, that to me, is the best two-way combination for unarmed combat arts. This assertion is borne out by the fact that real BJJ guys from BJJ land box or kickbox in order to apply their BJJ in the cage. Only the American sissy continually demands that one need only BJJ to take on all threats in the chaos of the Bantu overrun, in the land of the gun.
Boning the Bitch-Queen
modern combat
‘Master of None’
pillagers of time
by this axe!
blue eyed daughter of zeus
thawtcriminowitz     Jan 15, 2020

Couldn't agree more with all of this, and far better than I could ever word it. I train JJ 4 times a week and boxing 1-3 depending on my schedule and all my jiu jitsu buddies have that look on their face you so eloquently described when they sit in on striking class. I def would add going to a strictly boxing gym for awhile as MMA guys hands leave a lot to be desired for the most part. I know James talks a lot about this.
    Jan 15, 2020

I'm so glad you do both arts. the BJJ badasses from Brazil mostly loved boxing. Hell, look at Junior Do Santos.
MRT     Jan 16, 2020

James you mention BJJ as a crucial part of MMA , i ll say Grappling in general is and not BJJ in particular and by that i mean Submissions is the crucial part . The best Grappler in MMA who mauls everybody with his grappling abilities is Khabib a Combat Sambo guy from the place with the best freestyle wrestling in the world.

Even in 1993 in the most successful MA promo ever (UFC 1 promoting BJJ) Royce was not using BJJ Pyjama middle class rolling (aka „Jits“) but Vale Tudo in a gi. The top guys in grappling and mma may do bjj but they cross train ,on the other hand the average bjj guy has bad to zero wrestling ability , is not good without the gi, probably sucks at lower body submissions (remember when leg locks were not suppose to work?) was not raised on the mats like Rener and Ryron Gracie, oh yes and he hasn't been hit in the face yet thinks bjj is the non plus ultra of fighting.

James the Vale Tudo fights i have seen are more Punching / Smashing than anything else (both BJJ and Luta Livre guys) , even though they were bare knuckle, to some extend that was the feeling i got from seeing Lethwei fights compared to Muay Thai fights.

"...and is also the perfect marketing art for the sissy who is unwilling to get punched"

you summed up it perfectly , may i also add the feeling of belonging to the winning team / family.

PS. A question for a non youngster non flexible heavier dude , for his striking should said person work on his boxing or try to learn Muay Thai?
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