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‘White Ethnomasochism’
Crackpot Mailbox: Viking Age Barbarian prompts James on The Myth of White Genocide
I don't particularly like the site Affirmative Right, which in my opinion, often has material more left than right, and some weird conspiratorial shit, while at other times screaming about WN conspiracies ... but it has some great stuff too. In the link below, the author who has taken the name from Celine's great novel, F. Bardamu, is spot on on the suicide of the West, and we would go much further:
Keep strong,
Viking Age Barbarian

I don’t want another avalanche of readers leaving the site, so will not belabor the point that white identity is a purely modern idea, with no medieval or ancient antecedent, which was assigned to Europeans by non-Christians as a way of subverting Christianity and specific ethnic loyalties such as Cornish, or Welsh.
The Pure view of racial self, distilled into an economic unit, is what white identity had become by 1865 in America, more about class and pretension as about race and tradition. The idea of purity, imbedded in European myth as symbolized by white, was the hook that was used to bind the races of Western Europe in the globalist darkness. That sense of purity, embodied most severely in the “one drop rule” unique to English North America, was then internalized as an ideal that “white” men were bound by some code that bound no other race, to take the higher moral plane and forsake their own biological diversity and identities for higher truths, for words like:
And other notions of unreality elevated above the reality that other folk live within.
The Weak then become the judges of the dying race for the very reason that their perfection has been achieved as complaisance as they collectively vote to have politicians and police and other agents of force do their godlike will.
The Wrong then become the blessed, with the criminals of a more practical age elevated to the martyrs of the age of unreality, the darlings of the perpetual utopia of goodwill. And thus, the “white,” person having become aggregate god of guilt, having elevated the angry criminal to collective Christ, may now ascend upward into oblivion, like some race of prehistoric Olympians bequeathing the world of reality to their adopted scions, while they partake of the dreams of Vishnu.
Let the self-effacing lilies wilt in their self-made shade.
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