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The Bleak End
Author's Notes for Sportsball Weekend
© 2020 James LaFond
This weekend, human time, and certainly our collective mind, will bend like light beaming past a black hole only to get sucked into its depths.
It is Felon Ball weekend, the time when the American Mind turns towards its sacred altar like plants reaching for the sun.
I am staying with traditional Americans, so will politely get drunk as the national call to irrational money worship beams into our presence. I'm looking forward to Church much more. But that is just a few hours on Sunday.
The rest of the weekend I will avoid getting online and posting as I attempt to complete Night Song of the Nords, the sequel to Reverent Chandler and Malediction Song, which is just over 3,000 words right now and should round out at around 15,000.
The trajectory of 5 novellas and novelettes ends with this volume.
That narrative trajectory is:
#1 American Dream Boat [unpublished]
#2 Ghost Snatcher [unpublished]
#3 Malediction Song
#4 Reverent Chandler [my only fiction to exceed 10 sales!]
#5 Night Song of the Nords [incomplete]
It's a unique post-apocalyptic perspective, being tribal versus religious, set against the backdrop of a major ice age.
Night Song follows the doomed final act of the life of Fend, the last man of his Nordic people to survive an attack by an army of Mestizo, African and Caucasian Retro-Catholic crusaders bent on slaughtering every last heathen on earth. I can guarantee that there will be no happy ending.
I need to intersperse writing chapters with long walks in the grey-green mountains to keep my mind right for this.
I will not be posting again until Tuesday, February 4.
Thank you all for your support.
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Manny     Feb 3, 2020

Retro Catholic Crusaders. Lol. Sounds like fun.
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