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The Last Flight of Doctor Ain?
Crackpot Mailbox: Baruch and James on Dat Corollavirus
© 2020 James LaFond
Dat Corollavirus
Tue, Feb 4, 1:19 PM (3 days ago)
Oh, hayell naw, these Chinese niggaz eatin BATZ en shit? Nuh-UH! (flapping hands frantically)
Chinese government says 2-3% lethality rate. I figure, might be as high as 10%. If it goes to that, hollowed out Western society might partially collapse, because:
1.There is very little social capital, so families and neighborhoods are very fragile
2. Most deaths in an epidemic aren't directly caused by disease, but rather by people who could have recovered dying of dehydration, hunger and secondary infection, since there is nobody to take care of them during convalescence-the presently asymptomatic have booked it, or even quarantined them off, so that help isn't coming
3. Extremely streamlined supply chains and urbanization mean most people live in places with very little in the way of food/fuel stores, so that any breakdown in transportation and commerce quickly becomes drastic
4. The brown underclass is hysterical and prone to violence, especially mob violence, exacerbating the above, and of course completely lacking in basic survival skills
5. White soy fаggots are also lacking in basic survival skills, and can't organize to protect themselves.
Communities positioned to do better than others are those with social capital and masculine identity. Orthodox Jews, Koreans, maybe urban Chinese...and of course rural whites!
What do you think?

The most chilling science fiction story I ever read was by James Tiptree Junior, also known as Alice B. Sheldon, who was a CIA photo analyst who wrote The Last Flight of Doctor Ain, about a dude feeding a pandemic to birds at airports…
I think your analysis of the weakness and robustness contrasts in subsets of society is spot on. Examples of epidemic disease effects on societies include:
-Plague in 1300s Europe reduced the population by 34% and did not destroy culture but rather changed the economic balance.
-a 40% reduction in Eastern Woodlands populations in the 1500s and 1600s did not implode cultural cohesion, and while some tribes died some new tribes were born.
-Disease in 1522 Mexico that killed 90% of Aztecs destroyed their cultural identity in one generation.
What interests me is the lack of culture in our society. All there is above the certain ethnic groups such as the Amish and your people, is an economy. Hell, white and brown identity are nothing but a zoological assignment of economic identity. For this reason, having found out in my youth that smallpox, eradicated across the world, was being kept alive in a Maryland lab, makes me wonder if this virus was not engineered. Killing off the old and the weak—people like me who are not fueling the economy to greater heights—would actually be good for what remains of The West, which is nothing but an economic structure with no cultural unity other than guilt, which is a suicidal emotion. In that case, this virus might help complete the ongoing suicide of The West.
I do think that efforts will be made to use engineered viruses to monocrop humanity into one golden skinned race in support of the medicalized model of individual identity assignment.
As an uninsured and broke-ass old coot who has now had bronchitis five out of the last five months, I could not even imagine surviving the standard flu, let alone some badass bat flu.
Thanks for the thoughtful query and ebonic friendly intro.
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