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The Ideal Length
Crackpot Mailbox: Matt Wants to Know How Long a Sjambok Should Be
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Sjambok Questions
Feb 12, 2020, 8:04 PM (4 days ago)
What's the ideal length for a sjambok? I've seen 3.5 and 4.5 foot length ones. Also, best if acquire ultra rare hippo skin one, regular leather, or are the newest high quality plastic ones good enough?

Matt, I have never even held a sjambok. I have, however, had more combat with one-handed extension weapons than any man alive—so far as I know—so let me attempt to answer this question of length.
First, the material. Anything that psychopath Lynn Thompson at Cold Steel makes, is virtually indestructible and will do major damage at the top of its class. I would actually get an authentic hide one just so you can claim it as an artifact of your African ancestry!
For dogs, cattle, possessed automobiles, meth-mouthed bikers, zombies and retro-lepers, I want it as long as possible.
However, against packs of men seeking your wallet, your guts and your scalp, extra length makes it easier for them to close if they are aggressive enough. For men, I want a shorter one. A flexible blunt weapon—even a flexible sharp one like an epee, small sword or rapier—is easier to grab and strip because it flexes in your hand.
Ideal length for handling one-handed extension weapons, from thumb and forefinger to tip is the length of your arm.
For a flexible blunt weapon such as a flex-rod, Sjambok, car antenna, and chain you want to work an x-pattern and not get caught just doing forehands. Make sure you practice inserting a stiff-arm checking hand and a bent-arm checking hand after each back hand, as that is when you are open for the clinch.
Good luck sir, in the preservation of your kinetic cultural appropriation.
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