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Neighborhood Under Siege
Below is some copied content from a Next Door neighborhood site in Baltimore County/City, where County or City police have not ventured to patrol beyond primary streets and shopping centers for a full year and where home invasions occurring while a resident is in the house are being mischaracterized as burglaries. The subtext to the phrase I put in brackets below is that some of these "burglaries" are happening when residents are home, making them main force home invasions. Note how the PR PIG blames the residents for not locking their doors. No one in that area does not lock or double lock their doors. This neighborhood is so far gone that I actually caged a lady friend's back porch against zombie attack and walk through the area by day and night with pimp cane, war club, axe and even a sledge hammer to protect myself against the swarming thugs. Numerous young men have been stomped out on the street during the day for the crime of being born with melanin deficient skin.
If you live in an area that starts seeing postings like this online, it is past time to evacuate or fortify, for the cops have already sided with the crooks. Do note that it is against the law to organize. You are on your own.

From Officer Goorevitz - Recently we have had a few residential burglaries reported in the lower part of our Precinct area (below Putty Hill Ave to Baltimore City line). [Most of the incidents] have occurred during daytime hours. Various methods were used to enter the residences including breaking/prying windows or through unlocked doors. Various items have been stolen in these crimes. Please remember to lock your homes doors and as always, keep an eye on your neighbors and around your neighborhood and report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to Police immediately by calling 911.
If anyone has questions, please contact me.
Officer JW Goorevitz #4256
Baltimore County Police Department
Precinct 8/Parkville Community Outreach Team
8532 Old Harford Road
Parkville, MD 21234
New21 hr ago · 24 neighborhoods in Crime & Safety
it would be nice if there was a police presence in our area, even if a police car drove through every now and then or paused at certain points. I live in Harford Park and have been burglarized twice! Not to mention the drug deals that occur in our neighborhood. I am city, near the county line..
No one wants to report any suspicious behavior because we get accused of racial profiling.
Sorry but that should never stop you if think a crime is being committed. Use your judgment.
it is sad for a number of reasons...
A crime is a crime i don't care what color you is!!!!
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