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Tattoo You?
Crackpot Mailbox: Riley wants to Know if the Cracked Pottery has been Decorated with Ink
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100 Squid Tattoo Designs For Men - Manly Tentacled Skin Art
Sat, Feb 29, 10:08 PM (4 days ago)
Some years ago down in Mexico I drank a blue concoction and had a cross-eyed Mayan squid tattooed onto my left shoulder. It’s first up in the mirror every morning, before the “Olde English R”, applied with a needle back- stabbed into a pencil eraser and wrapped with thread, then dipped in ink and pricked repeatedly into a ball-point outline. This was done by the son of a Honduran elite getting some first world schooling in a military academy in Mississippi in the ‘60s. He had a 1956 Ford Sunliner, the one with the tinted plastic roof. We got him laid and fed him corn whiskey. He did a tattoo thing.
Though you’ve obviously never sinned, have you ever gone into the bodily illustrations? Seems like every purported killer these days has the barbed wire about The biceps and who-knows-What-next. Ever do that? Why not?
I kind of like my squid, especially now that 20 years later it’s edgy.
Sent from Riley

You know Riley, I always like it as a writing exercise when some fellow asks me a question that I have forever neglected to ask myself.
Once, in the mid 1990s, a stripper, whose tattooed ass I quite liked, wiggled playfully on my emaciated lap and asked me if I would get a tattoo and I told her I had not thought about it, which she thought was cool. Then she asked that if I had to get a tattoo what would it be of and I answered my sons, so I'd have to get two and my shoulders and biceps were too small to serve as a proper canvas and I couldn't imagine putting them anywhere else.
I find good art on good looking women appealing.
I like ugly art in ugly men and always think of Cigar Face Larry's bikini clad cutie on the arm he used to slice Bonehead open with his box cutter in the stockroom in 1981 when said thick-headed worthy challenged the Grocery Manager to a fight over work duties and the man who had been roasting turkey's in the galley of a carrier while the Japs were diving planes into it off Okinawa, winked at the 40-year-old girl on his arm after he sliced the stock boy back in line.
Honestly, during the time in my life when I would have been of a mind to get inked I rarely had enough money to get a $5 cheese pizza for the family on Friday night and could not have imagined spending my pittance on self-decoration. Oh, Big Rich paid for the strippers, because they thought I was cute and he was hoping to get the leftovers...
Sorry, but yes, I am drably undecorated.
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Don Quotays     Mar 9, 2020

In this day and age only the most hardened non-conformist are uninked.

But I'll own my failings, an aversion to needles and too fickle to settle on a design.
James     Mar 10, 2020

At seems like a bloody mess, really.

Maybe the pain is the point for the inkies?
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