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Crackpot mailbox: Shep Reporting on the Swedish Combat Arts Scene
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I have no words
Sun, Mar 1, 9:32 PM (3 days ago)
Finland has come a long way in a short time.

Young rapists in Sweden, here is my recommendation:
Punch the bitch in the lead in the nose, disabling her, causing the bitches behind her to freeze and scream and such like.
Then shove the other ugly bitch down so that the skinny faggot will have an excuse to avoid combat ad render first aid.
Then feint a punch at the babe, so that the giant will glacially place himself in harm's way, and switch that punch to a shovel hook and tag his chin, then slap his ears until he is huddled up and begin stomping his head, which will bring the doll—who you want to rape—to his aid. Then switch to the slave-girl shoulder-to-hip scoop, toss her over your shoulder and take her off to the grooming den.
Begin scouting for these superheroes and strike at will, for you shall succeed.
What do we have below here?
Don’t forget this bit of bullshitsu from the same country.
Ah yes, you know, I actually used this against a 360-pound Bantu warrior and it worked, but only because the guy standing behind me saw me palming something in my rear hand and gave him the "yeah, shits gettn' serious up in here, Bro," nod of Authorization of Reparations Recovery Abortion of Mission and the big man halted before running me over and getting stabbed in the nutsack.
Finland has come a long way in a short time.
We had our own hero of pale stripe, Major Rodgers of rangers fame, who the Catholic, French-Speaking Abanaki Indians called "The White Devil" back in the good old 1750s.
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