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‘It's Peculiar’
Old Bull Silverback Hero Defeats Young Buck Zero
© 2020 James LaFond
Nero the Pict sent me the following news link.
An elderly ebon warrior noticed a young thug skulking after his lady neighbor and sprang I to action. Do note, that if the elderly man had been a paleface in his prime or even middle age, that the martyr soul status would have been transferred from the protector to the thug. We literally live in a world where the only men with the moral cache to protect themselves are men of a certain sacred hue. If I had fought this thug armed with scissors and injured him, I would be getting de-platformed, sued and charged with civil rights crimes.
However, the world is not totally rotten, as exemplified by permission for self-defense being extended to a small section of the masculine landscape. What is most interesting here, is that the African American slice of the population in Lancaster, PA is only about 12%, or just north of it, with most of the criminal class in that town being Latino [Dominican and Rican]. Yet, with the ebony population almost exactly represented in miniature as it is nation 1ide [being 13%] these folks have still failed to target other races with the same level of violence they reserve for each other. It’s as if the thugz of Lancaster, PA have not read the memo and still don’t realize that it’s open season on palefaces. Based on the available target pool, most ebon violence should be directed at their ivory oppressors.
Even in Baltimore, City ebony on ebony violence remains roughly ten times more common than ebony on ivory. Can we ever fix this and make it all ivory all the time and get this thing into high gear?
Brothers and sisters, wake up!
“The man — who police have identified as 26-year-old Kawan Rashad Watts — had been sitting in the stairwell for hours, Sabur's friend told him. Sabur didn't know the man's name at the time.
Sabur said Watts' presence put him on edge and that he was worried that he was planning to rob his friend.
And Sabur's friend — an older woman he said has vision impairment — told him she was also nervous about the young man and planned to call the police.
To try to deescalate the situation, Sabur said he told Watts to leave or the police would be called. Instead of leaving, Watts charged at Sabur and his friend, Sabur said.”
Paleface notation:
Look, if this old buzzard can defend himself against a man a quarter his age, than it’s about time you all stopped whining about how you need more police with more guns and more latitude to defend you and just stand up to the dark dogs that you have been trained to fear like the very gods of war, with such bullshit as “warrior gene” typology. Sure, unlike in this case, your attacker will not be charged with crimes, and you’ll have to avoid hospitalizing his frail ass unless you want to pull hate crime charges. But, if you keep begging for more PIGS, and we get them, they are just going to be used to lock your pale ass up for the crime of self-defense. Show that you’re just a step ahead of Kawan and realize that he and the PIGS have one common enemy, and it is you.
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