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System Test Book Complete
Apocalisp: Charting American Decline: System Test March 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
This crowns my most productive month of writing I know of, for which I would like to thank my host and all of those who have supported this endeavor. As soon as Lynn gets the Amazon Suppressed Barbarism versus Civilization published, this is the next one in the cue. The front matter and the table of contents of my draft are listed below. Lynn will also be adding a good 30 pages of medical, home schooling and logistical information on this.
Copyright 2020 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Publisher/Editor: Lynn Lockhart
Written during the Corona virus meltdown from March 7 through March 31 2020, documenting the experience of one failed writer, working in the most sissified pale flight zone in Postmodern America, as a supposedly great and unequalled civilization fails in the face of an uncommon chest cold.
Dedicated to my friend, patron, fellow writer and son of the Confederacy, Riley “Sea Daddy” Smith
Rest in peace my friend.
“Society will develop a new kind of servitude which covers the surface of society with a network of complicated rules, through which the most original minds and most energetic characters cannot penetrate. It does not tyrannize but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.”
-Alexis De Tocqueville,
Prologue 2
Forward 5
‘Waking the Devil’ 10
Dusk 16
‘Dis Corolla Shit’ 16
A Right Mind 25
‘It's Peculiar’ 27
It Came from China 30
My Savage 36
‘Don’t Sleep on Me!’ 39
Who Made Colf a Sport? 42
'Virus Shopping' 45
Yipsterism 49
‘Remember 911’ 53
Looking at Lockdown 63
‘Bait’ 67
‘Bitch’ 68
‘Cunt’ 70
‘Dickslinging’ 73
Thanks for another great lesson, James. 76
‘Just on Time’ 77
Front Loading 88
A Month of Dearth Dawns 93
Lockdown Journal 95
After Midnight 95
A Needle on the Sidewalk 100
Left Ring 105
Bad City Business 107
My Block 111
Rosali 116
Thanks for Laughing 118
A Murder of Crows 121
‘The Man’ 125
Apocalisp 129
‘Out of a Hunny’ 131
‘Dear Bad Guys’ 137
Crow Sundown 140
Crow-Killer Elkin 142
By Night 144
Screams in the Night 147
Shutting it Down 150
Smoking with a Cool Indian 153
Good Afternoon Apocalisp 156
‘The Thing’ 159
Phone Calls Tuesday 3/24/20 162
Avocado Apocalypse 165
Really? 168
Footwork 169
Cordova Virus Vaϲϲination in Baltimore? 171
Out We’ll Go 174
Good to Go 175
Kookle Do Time 176
Sol in Florida 179
Sean from Tennessee 181
Can I Have One? 183
Their Negro God 186
T.P. Hero 188
Home Schooling with the Violence Guy 188
Shopping with the Violence Guy 191
Han Silo’s Chinese Flu 193
Wuhan Jon 196
Doctor Tinactin 199
Elkin’s Pump 202
Mister Grey from Hershey Pennsylvania 205
To the Bank 207
Miss Ezz 209
Flooring 211
Social Distancing 212
Stock Levels 215
Between the Rainclouds 220
Mom 222
The Boot on the Neck 223
Mister Blue 225
Big Ron 227
Adam 229
Elkin 230
This Raining Morning 231
Megan 232
Ajay 232
Sensei Steve 233
Elkin on Tipping Points 235
Carbon Mike 240
Viking Age Barbarian 242
Nero the Pict 243
Shayne 244
The Banker and the Real Estate Agent 245
Autonomous among Automatons 248
Sodom and Gomorrah 252
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