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Carbon Mike and Sifu Jewell
The Latest from two Friends in the Age of Shamdemic
man, I forgot to tell you!
Carbon Mike
Sun, Apr 19, 11:25 AM (4 days ago)
Last convo with James Delingpole was a joint one—I put it up on my site and he put it up on his podcast. I name-checked you and Masculine Tribes; we were talking about mass sissification in the age of Coronavirus.
You're the one who set me right on that thing, brother—other things matter, but not as much as bringing back manhood.
Got in touch with a couple of guys from Northern Ireland recently and we've been talking—I'm gonna do one with them soon where we dig in to MT a bit more.
Stay strong

Thanks, brother, but I'm getting weaker by the week, as I journey ever eastward into the blinding light of sissy fright!
Four days ago I was looking at 2 feet of snow in Montana and now I'm back in the sweaty crease of the sodomized east listening to faggots whine about global warming...
Congrats on scoring this spot with Delingpole.

New Blog and Question
Brian Jewell
Tue, Apr 21, 11:23 AM (2 days ago)
Sending a copy of my latest blog. I also had a question for you since you’ve traveled quite a bit. Have you found that people fight differently depending on their geographic location?
For example you mention in The Logic of Steel (I believe it was that book) you say people don’t usually hold a knife in the underhand position (the Psycho stabbing style) unless they are going for a definite kill move. Do you find that people hold weapons differently or use different methods of attacks on other areas?
....Or is Baltimore just way more violent than the rest of America?

Nice article, Brian and thanks.
Look, Baltimore is not just more violent than the rest of America, I think it is more spiritually violent than all of the rest of America combined.
Across the board, roughly 1 in 10 people hold a knife or shank like an icepick, in the reverse grip. This is higher—I am told by Lloyd, a man who knows—in South Africa, where there is a distinct knife culture based on junk blades, which dovetails with my findings here, with people much more likely to ice pick with a crappy blade, with it being as an artifact less important to them than it is to the person holding it in the standard grip.
Generally speaking people only fight anymore in sporting contexts, with almost all violence predatory.
Traditionally, predation was reserved for people of other faiths, other nations, other races, etc.
The beauty of atomization, emasculation and reassignment of agency to society over the individual under the welfare state and modern media priesthood, is that every man is now the enemy of all the world with the hand of every man against him. Our social engineering has verily used Hobbes' leviathan to facilitate the ultimately atomized society that the brutally civilized Hobbes assumed was the natural state of the barbarian.
Violence mostly differs in the U.S.—so far that I have spent time seeing some and being told tales of other violence as I travel—in how far we have devolved from the armed polite society of barbarism into the disarmed and rude society of civilization. And when that rude and disarmed brute, gets a weapon in his hand then you have the feral situation, the armed state of barbarism combined with the rude mind of civilization making for a hyper violent world.
For instance, Portland, which is experiencing a huge crime surge under Shamdemic conditions is, even after this surge, about as dangerous as Parkville Maryland was in the late 1970s, with most violence being either a same-race fight, which is mostly posturing and submission, or being same-race or out-race predation, just like in Baltimore County 40 years ago.
Violence usually intensifies the further apart the human is from empathizing with his antagonist. The most extreme aspects of violence in Baltimore are two:
Most of it is same-race predation, which is very unusual, and I am using race in the traditional sense as indicating biological and cultural closeness and in-group identification, not the ridiculous macro-zoological ordering of mankind in only five races, the world of the Welshman and the Mandingo, the Aryan and the Bantu, not the polarized absence of light and absence of color as mega races. In other words, the way a Bantu man from Cherry Hill will gun down a Bantu man from Sandtown without a thought that they have anything in common other than hate.
The other shocking aspect is that this same group of people tend to use knives as an aspect of group aggression. The knife is usually the tool of the individual actor, especially when we are talking about people of the same social classification. But in Baltimore it is common for four men to beat another while one of them stabs him! This is like torture pole levels of predatory violence, against all the norms of barbarism and in line with the penitentiary and corrections mindset of slave-based civilization.
The barbarian is only cruel to outsiders.
The civilian is only cruel to insiders.
The feral soul is cruel to all.
Generally, in the High West, violence is purely social in terms of one-to-one confrontation and agreed ending of hostilities, and weapons are used on other species of creatures, for meat hunting. Even when dogs and guns were used in one case to arrest four Crips who were attempting to gangbang in rural Utah back in the 1980s, the hunters and hounds who captured those fools did not leave their bones in the national forest, but told them not to come back and told them to tell their friends not to come—and the Bantus have yet to return.
By contrast, in Baltimore, these same four dudes would shoot each other in the back of the head while eating fruit-loops over some perceived slight. So Baltimore is at the base of the general anarcho-tyranny moral slide into the Hobbesian life of the "short, nasty and brutish" kind. Below are three very broad aggression nets that tumble in upon themselves until we get to the situation on the bottom. I am not at all concerned about fixing any of this. The only realistic hope is that it gets so bad that barbarism is triggered to bring us back to decency above the desiccated corpse of this failed civilization.
-1. Internal Predation: Abyss of the feral Bantu who is the product of generations of media and state education by his blonde mother goddess who has decreed that he cannot face the burden of Abraham, that every act of his against his own, however vile, is born on the moral shoulders of the Goddess's spurned mate—the ghost man whose very subconscious dreams of racial superiority are so powerful that the poor Bantu is merely a murdering avatar lurching across the stage of his own demise with bloody-hands stained by his own kind as he carries out the sanguine will of the dreaming ivory god...
-2. External Predation—bikers kicking my head against a curb because I am not one of them...
-3. Confrontational Civic Aggression [police action, protests, 'fights,' arguments, road rage, etc.] movie violence echoing ancient dominance conduct in the war and duel and slave-wrangling discipline having no real basis in current reality/necessity, currently forming less than 10% of violence and being conducted exclusively by State actors and idiots who we are all better rid of. This level of violence is the most despicable, none of it being survival-related or having honorable subtexts, thus being external of survival predation or honorable confrontation and corrupting both by its slothful weight.

Oh yes, of knife-armed assholes in 10
3 guys hold between you and them and are afraid and can be walked away from
6 guys hide it and plan on doing you in if things don't go their way or because they have decided to kill you
1 in ten guys will hold it like an icepick, they are either a fucking assassin using deception and you won't see how they are holding or, more likely, they just have to kill you, have to chase you and can't help themselves—you gotta go bro!
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