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'Liberty or Death'
Crackpot Mailbox: Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Discuss Our Sissy Pro Athletes
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phony athlets
Teutonic Fist
12:22 PM (5 hours ago)
Either phony or the most authentic display of american patriotismso far.
"Patriots draftee Justin Rohrwasser to remove controversial tattoo"
There is a guy who plays for a Team called "The Patriots", he has"liberty or death" inked on his arm and a Three Percenter Stampand then a nerdy jewish agitator from the SPLC comes along and tells him to remove that from his skin and feel sorry.
I don't know if that is phony, fake and gay, or if this is the truest display of american patriotism. Act tough while gettingbullied by Jews. Its a bit like a circumsision.
I couldn't even link you a propper news outlet for this storybecause they all have either autoplay videos or tons of clickbaittechniques that make it not even possible anymore to navigate theside properly, because everything is so fake and gay.
There is simply no integritiy with this modern sportsball athletclass, not even for the show anymore. Even a defending themselves like John Rocker, the Baseball Player did in 1999, seems likeincomprehensible. The faster this garbage goes down the drain the better. I don't even know why this gay shit is even a thinganymore in the age of GoPro Combat Footage from around the world.

I'm calling for the end of all professional team sports.
That is why I infected those "rich Corinthian leather seats' with the Cordova Minus decades ago, so that the dread minus would rise up and put this gay society back in its perfumed bottle.
Team sports have utility in developing players so long as players are doing it for development and not as aspirational slave meat for the media masters. As half of my 35 employers were Jews and they behaved as individuals no differently than the other employers, I don't suspect that this ancient ethno-cult has anything to do with this. This is just about America being a gay, slave nation with no morality beyond money and I have traced that to its clearly Anglo-Christian roots.
All the bullshit about liberty, and freedom and justice was nothing but smoke blown up the asses of a population that has never been a people, but a work force, with slave or master or master-slave roots. The history of this nation is so falsified on the face that you have the worship of a lie elevated to civic godhood. So, when the slave master tells the slave to remove his tattoo he will. And the tattoo, to begin with is a sham, as all tattoos are, simply empty attempts to cloak oneself in some other identity because we are eternally empty—why, because we are just slaves, slaves to the God of Things, not even slaves to our Creator but to our own greedy need.
The dread minus has done a great deal of good by cancelling an NBA season, hopefully a football season and giving most Americans the opportunity to openly agree that their supply of bread and the staving off of death as long as possible is worth infinity more than such fables as Freedom of the Press, the Right to Bear Arms and the rest of the lies foundational to this shithole nation.
Yes, a shithole nation, not merely an economic latrine, but a shithole of the soul, a nation where most parents are willing to never see their sons and daughters again, or their grandchildren, for fear of living one lazy year less under their star spangled lie. What is more, over half of all so-called "martial artists" will never again train or fight for fear of breathing in the dread minus and meeting the eternity that awaits us all one day sooner than necessary.
What can you expect from a nation who has not ever won a war singlehandedly against a nation with equal or superior resources—no, never. The U.S. has never won a one-to-one war against a geopolitical equal without the aid of a global empire, which might make one suspect that it is not a nation after all, but a police station for some global confabulation.
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