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Where Western Warriors Wend 2
A Dialogue with Richard Barret on the Western Warrior at Twilight
© 2020 James LaFond
In my first book, The Forgotten History of World War I: From the Dark Ages to 1939, my thesis was that these kind of scenarios that we would today call “Counterinsurgency” created a unique tactical culture in the British Army that was mirrored by the French Foreign Legion and US Marine Corps of the period, given their similar experiences. This kind of tactical culture gave them the decisive edge over the Germans that led to the Allied Victory in WWI.
[The same thing happened in the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and Athens, to both sides, resulting in the reforms of Iphictus and eventually Phillip and Alexander developing sophisticated combined arms doctrines based on what were colonial operations.]
In fact, because the manuals are all preserved in various archives, steadily being released to the public with greater interest in WWI building up due to the recent 100 year anniversary, we see that in fact, the much-vaunted German Stormtrooper manuals were copies of capture British tactical manuals that were lessons-learned summations on colonial warfare tactics!
[Junger made this clear in Storm of Steel. He even wrote Westerns in German! I read a British manual from the Boer War that was taken from lessons learned fighting fellow Аrуаns.]
What is also interesting is that the British and German organization systems for distributing this information were very different. The British training model was that all newly recruited units would receive this level of “Stormtrooper” training across the board. The German training model was to take the best and brightest out of the mainline units and transfer them to specialized Stormtrooper units. This hoarding of tactical knowledge within specialized units was not sustainable, and once the Stormtrooper units were depleted through repeated use, the “ash-and-trash” mainline units of the Germany Army were all that was left.
This is very interesting, because the only pre-WWI experience Germany had against Predatory Warrior cultures in the Third World came from the 1894 conquest of the Herero Territory in Southwest Africa. There, the Germans attempted to fight the Herero insurgents with the same tactical and operational mindset they had employed in the Franco-Prussian War of 1871 and the countless European wars of unification before that. However, it did not work, the Germans suffered heavy casualties, and ultimately resorted to mass genocide against the Herero women and children (Herman Goehring’s uncle ran the Southwest Africa concentration camps) in an attempt to bring the Herero warriors to heel.
[I believe these were Capoid people and that Bantu warriors helped the Germans in this Nanibian genocide. The Germans seem to have learned from this and did much better leading Bantu riflemen against the allies in East Africa, largely because they practiced less racial humiliation than the Brits. Referencing predation and confrontation, Bantu warrior culture in South Africa was confrontational and ineffective—they never could deal with the Capoids—until the reforms of Shaka, which resulted in a non-Аrуаn form of predatory confrontation. See Like Wolves on the Fold and the Washing of the Spears.]
I bring this up, because as you stated in your reply to my last message:
“Note that the agrarian cultures, with their heavy hand weapons and forts in Europe failed to impose their will on the Cromagnons for some 1,500 years of coexistence and the Аrуаns came in and essentially annihilated both human types ...The agrarian cultures in Europe were warlike and had brutal battles near rivers and their forts…”
When I read that, I see the Cromagnons as the tactically Predatory warriors of the Third World, the Germans as the Agrarian Cultures, and the British as the Аrуаns. The same tactics are mirrored...the Germans bring big numbers and brutality, but they can’t defeat their Predatory foes. The British come in and have no problem beating the Predatory warriors. And then when the British “Aryans” and the German “Agrarians” rumble, it’s no contest.
[That seems valid enough in terms of the colonial experience. However, the British would reverse roles with the Germans in Africa in WWI and overall in WWII. Since we live in this stratified state with all of these folks in our collective past and remerging in our changing times it seems that Our Аrуаn/over Agrarian and Primitive martial legacy permits the dynamic, the static and the predatory to emerge organically under stress in our confrontational behaviors.]
It’s also interesting to note that Madison Grant noted in his 1916 book The Passing of the Great Race that the population of WWI Germany was heavily skewed toward the “Alpine” type in his ancestral population system, while Britain was heavily skewed toward the “Nordic” type. In his system, he classified the “Alpine” type as primarily Agrarian-based, while the “Nordic” type was primarily Warrior-based.
[This reflects the westward drift of the Western way. Montgomery was a pure Norman type, and although he was far more honorable than the American Generals in terms of treatment of enemy prisoners his level of dynamics paled in comparison to some of the Americans, such as Patton, who seems the most pure Аrуаn type in the mix at the top echelons. Montgomery wrote an excellent military history using his reflections as a mirror on the past. Pershing tried to bloke the honoring of working class Sergeant Alvin York as America’s most honored soldier so he could advance a commissioned officer as America’s war hero. This class struggle within the mongrel West is not as pronounced as among the Arabs, but it is there with some ethnic undertones. The working class warrior in this nation was not venerated until after WWII and Audie Murphy was the vehicle for this and his westerns were quite good with better moral lessons than Wayne’s. Hell, Rio Bravo is such a cuckfest I almost threw my beer can at the TV. The Searchers, Hondo [a L’Amour story] and the Shootist are Wayne’s best expression of the warrior ethos. Note that Wayne usually played the top man and Murphy the second in command. Between the two of them and the main body of western film work with men like Bronson and Robards, the result of 1950s westerns was and WWII movies like the Longest Day, was to credit working class warriors with the defeat of honorable enemies on the American frontier and in Europe. That would change in the 1960s, with enemies becoming evil, which demeans the hero as he goes on his bug hunt. For Grendel, though he is declared evil, is also shown in empathetic plight by the poet. Not so the emergence of the cartoon evil of the robotic Nazi and then later the sappy image of the wise vegan victim Indian warrior of the Great Plains. So the reduction of the Аrуаn warrior’s Amerindian foe to victim and of his brother German foe as morally subhuman and robotic are all narrative tools to negate the Western Warrior and render him slave rather than savior.]
[We also want to keep in mind that the krauts had an extreme material disadvantage in WWII and still gave better than they got on the ground, largely based on the research they did into Mongol [borrowed Аrуаn methods] and Nathan Bedford Forest’s battle at Bryce’s Crossroads. What I think is more important than the racial mixture here is the willingness to resurrect the Аrуаn way of war which was mobile and not static, with whichever European nation adopted most successfully gaining the advantage. Once all sides sought to emulate and improve upon the German resurrection of mobile warfare it just became an industrial number crunch.]
Is there something there? Was the “Nordic” type passing on its centuries long tactical tradition to its shared ancestral population in Britain, while the “Nordic” type in Germany (primarily Prussia) was hoarding its tactical tradition from its majority “Alpine” constituents?
Was there an element of “Nordic” disgust at the “Alpine” peasantry, hidden behind a newly-created veneer of lock-step German Nationalism that prevented this tactical exchange?
[Read A Genius for War by Duprey. The Germans failed only because they were massively out gunned in both wars. Both sides attempted and implemented innovations all along but in spite of low relative numbers and industrial output the Germans consistently inflicted 3-1 casualties and this was largely due to tactical flexibility that was not permitted as much amongst the allies. Where the Krauts went wrong in the late stages of WWI they more than made up for it in the second round with unparalleled innovations that permitted a tiny nation with much less firepower to get the best of virtually the entire modern world for 3 years, all due to very Аrуаn use of dynamic rather than static means. If a hill with a bunker loomed ahead the Russians would die in droves frontally assaulting it, the British would conduct a little siege, the Germans would go around –very migratory like, very nomadic, Mongol/Аrуаn and cavalry raider like—and the Americans would just flatten the hill and remove it from the map. So, in all of these mixed Nordic/Alpine nations—none being natural ethnicities but layers of mongrelized coercion, we see a constant ebb and flow among the same military machines from static to dynamic thought and action. Extreme class stratification was common between officer and enlisted classes in all of these industrial armies.]
British “Nordics” successfully shared their tactical tradition with their African, Asian, and Arab Colonial units of differing colors and creeds, leading to a positive cultural exchange between widely varying ancestral populations: why could Germany not do the same?
[Look into the side show campaign in German East Africa 1914-18 where the crew of the Konnisberg and various German officers led native troops to many victories over larger formation of British and allied native troops. WWII German propaganda focused on how nasty African Americans were treated in America compared to Africans in Germany. There were even some black and Jews in the Waffen SS, over 20,000 in total, mostly Hebrew. Cite Black Nazis and Black Nazis 2 by some broad who earned a lot of hatred uncovering these facts. Again, no army was more racially diverse than the German in WWII, using the real meaning of race rather than the macro-racial clown categories such as black and white, perhaps based on lessons learned fighting allied colonials in France in WWI. Also look into the history of the 24th infantry in Korea, where white American officers and black soldiers worked so poorly together that the army would be desegregated.]
And was the German Army’s entire operational outlook “Alpine” due to its large “Alpine” population, even if its Prussian leadership caste was “Nordic”?
Was this an example of negative cultural exchange at the tactical and operational level between two different ancestral populations?
I don’t know, but I think this is interesting to note in light of a new history book that has come out in the last few months, Hitler: A Global Biography by Brendan Simms.
Simms reports that Hitler was terrified of Grant’s prediction, and was obsessed with the idea that the “Nordic” population of Germany was migrating to the United States, leaving him with only “Alpine” peasantry.
[So, like the Brits the Krauts were constantly trying to rebalance their ethnic mix and in the end they both lost.]
This led to the creation of the murderous SS as a “No Aplines Allowed” club of exclusive “Nordics”, sent around Germany to “breed out” the “Alpine”, while Nazi propaganda minister Richard Walther Darre simultaneously promoted the myth that the German peasantry was purely “Nordic” according to the time period’s classification.
But I think it is very interesting given that it was framing the mindset and decision-making process of the post-WWI Nazi leadership in Germany. I also think it’s interesting that this context has created an entire generation of Alt-Right freaks today who are obsessed with the failed losers of the evil Nazi regime, purely because of their skillful propaganda which had a quite limited basis in reality.
[I agree that the Third Reich, which never called itself the Nazis was led by monstrous shitheads, but I count them as no more evil than the Japanese, American, Soviet, and British mass murder machine puppet masters that targeted women and children and for whom rape was the rule even among liberated allies. Our picture of that war is hopelessly slanted and no truth will emerge except through the twisted prism of Third Reich fetishists who, like most people, believe that government is good and that it only does evil when it goes terribly wrong, and that since the governments that killed the evil Nazis have all done hideous wrongs since—like now, when it is against government edict for you and I to meet at park or on a sidewalk or in your home—than the poor Nazis must have been angelic saints. My view is that every major combatant force in WWII was an evil, industrial murder machine that joined in an Аrуаn suicide pact which finished killing all of our best men that the first attempted suicide failed to erase. We are the ash and trash brigade of our race. Our best men were all murdered by their masters’ death machines, their blood literal oil to grease the gears of degeneration in service to social engineering and global banking schemes.]
This brings me to your next point about the merchant mindset killing the Western Warrior Ethos: I agree 100%, and I think the failure to remove Saddam after the First Gulf War is a perfect example. This was a major part of my second book, All Men Follow the Strongman: The Forgotten History of the Iraq War.
It is sad that many dissident thinkers today do not seriously study Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, instead preferring to relegate these topics to the realm of isolationist conspiracy theories. Whatever one’s foreign policy tastes are, the facts remain: our much maligned “Foreign Wars” are conflicts of a Western Warrior society against Predatory ones, and we are simply afraid of Predatory Warrior societies. If a Predatory warrior culture senses fear in an adversary, that is when they pounce. That is what Predatory means! The jackals go after the wounded gazelle, not the lion!
[In my mind these wars are just a means to kill Americans abroad capable of resisting tyranny at home and to practice murdering American at home, Mogadishu and Iraq providing urban experience and Afghanistan providing rural experience. By the time you are my age our western warriors will have come home as predatory aggressors who only practice confrontation—like SWAT cops, when they have vast firepower superiority—and will be hunting the last free thinkers across this land. I like to study these wars, particularly from the Special Ops perspective, to better appreciate how the U.S. military will operate against U.S. citizens. There truly never was a threat of invasion from any of these nations and the U.S. has not pushed for WWII definitions of victory in any of these wars. Is it because these are just purposed as I suggested, or because the U.S. lacks the will to win?
[And if the U.S. lacks the will to win, then eventually this military will be turned against the homeland.
[Or perhaps these wars are just means of keeping us looking over there when we are being screwed over here?
[And if that is the Orwellian case, then eventually the legions come home.]
If there is one view in the West today that is universal, it is this fear of the Predatory Warrior societies. The Left is afraid of it and uses it to their advantage. The Right is simply afraid of it.
[Agreed. But all special operations are predatory, not confrontational and they are the point of the post-modern spear. Most combat since Second Fallujah has been special ops, or this dance and prance convoy thread bullshit that you see in such documentaries as Above the Best. Hell, the U.S. lost men in combat in 31 nations in 2005, with only one confrontational field of operations, being Iraq.
[Our confrontational war making on the ground is now theory about imagined wars with Russia and China that we lack the will to prosecute. The real wars will be small dirty affairs, Iran at best, probably Mexico and a dozen African shitholes. I see the confrontational elements of the U.S. war machine as support for the two attacking elements: special ops and technology, Beowulf and Grendel, the warrior and the monster, the SEAL team and that fucking A-10 that comes in to save his ass. And the enemy for now is thankfully a pack of jackals who have some misguided notion of defending their own homeland. Postmodern war is Beowulf and Grendel as brothers in arms against enemies that are held as beneath contempt—it is a rat hunt. And once you and I have been labeled rats by the ruling liberal Left which is just now in the ascent and far from its eventual apex [look into the origin of the term Nazi] than one or the other will take us out and if we resist, both will come and we will be obliterated.]
[My point is that our remaining western warriors and their war machine operators will one day be told that Americans are the jackals, the predators, the wolves and that they are the sheep dogs, the good guys and us the bad guys.]
The Left often claims it wants to do good overseas and help the poor suffering from genocide and famine and human trafficking in the Third World. Well guess what: a Confrontational Warrior culture to take out the Predators running the activities will solve your problem.
[The Left just wants to run the meat grinder and when it gets its hands on it the meat it will grind will be us. They are abducting Аrуаn women from Europe and the U.S. and selling them to Arabs, now, every day, here and in Russia, but we are told that the Russians are our enemy.]
The Right claims it wants to secure the border from Predatory drug lords south of the border. Well guess what: a Confrontational Warrior will solve your problem yet again.
[Agreed, but we instead use just predation on the border, no confrontation. What does that suggest?
[We do offensive ops—including hunts for those who have already crossed—on the border all the time but never taking a stand and fight. It seems to me a sign that the U.S. plans to cross the border at some point, which will cause Hispanic blowback into the American body politic like blood into a syringe. What is the drone on station 24/7 over Baltimore if not a device of predation, an eagle of control? What of the black unmarked helicopters counting cars on country roads in rural Pennsylvania, today, as I write, if not the eyes of the dragon which Beowulf fought in myth but with whom he serves unseen puppet masters in this End Time?]
At the end of the day, you are 100% right: the West is a cowardly society that has lost its Warrior culture as a whole. And because of it, evil triumphs, and harms good people of all colors and creeds.
[The only warriors permitted to remain will serve this evil. Warriors who want what you want: right and justice for all, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms despite our race—will be labelled an enemy of the system, will be called a skulking rat, and you will be hunted coyotes indeed, unless you serve as dog to those meat-puppet masters in the hunt for your moral and racial brothers.]
That hurts my heart, and it is my hope by studying the Western Warrior Culture of the past and in those hidden corners where it exists in the present, it can be spread again like “a spot of oil” so that we all may be able to “Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute,” as Psalms 82:3 says.
[Richard, I really appreciate you running this by me, putting up with my dark heathen view of Modernity and making me think. I don’t want to discourage your quest to figure out better ways to better use and preserve our martial heritage. Hell, right now, as I write, it is against the law in most places in our nation to practice martial arts or fighting of any kind. It is against the law where I am for you and I to shake hands in public. I’m not trying to darken the discussion but am rather pointing out that darkness is falling as we have this discussion.]
In summary:
-I will be checking out the concept of Arete more. I have more pages on this topic written for you, but I will save it for another email. Also, I will be checking out your second book, The Gods of Boxing. I did a google search for the book entitled “Arete” published in the 1990s. What it came up with was a book by Stephen Miller on Greek Athletics. Strangely, I had gotten this book at the library a year ago, and only used it for a chapter that quoted on Aristotle’s view of physical fitness! I didn’t pursue the book further, but now I definitely will.
-I will be checking out Of Arms and Men by Robert L. O’Connell and The Devil’s Horsemen by James Chambers
-I’m going to go deeper into what you call “The Аrуаn War Band Psychology” associated with the last stand. My main sources I have scoped out for that are Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in 20th Century America by Richard Slotkin, The End of Victory Culture: Cold War America and the Disillusioning of a Generation (Culture and Politics in the Cold War and Beyond) by Thomas Englehardt, Circle the Wagons!: Attacks on Wagon Trains in History and Hollywood Films by Gregory F. Michno and Susan J. Michno, He Was Some Kind of Man: Masculinities in the B Western by Robert McGillis, and Soldier Heroes: British Adventure, Empire, and the Imagining of Masculinities by Graham Dawson. All of them save for Michno are Marxist Literary Criticism analysis. However, I have found that though their interpretation of facts is quite useless, their clear compilation of all of the facts of a case are quite useful.
-I will definitely be comparing my knowledge of late Western Military Contingents to their Ancient and Medieval Counterparts, as my knowledge of them is much better than the older guys. As the British Empire Builders were consciously copying themselves off the Medieval Knights who were a combo of Ancient Germanic Tribal Traditions, Greco-Romano Military Philosophy of “Virtue”, and Christianity, this is an arena I will definitely be looking into further.
-I will most definitely be looking into your tags “A Warrior Be” and “Destiny’s Exile”. I heartily await the arrival of “The Sardonyx Stone” and “Off Stand the Wolves” next year!
Richard Barrett
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