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Is You Sure?
The Escape of Dominic, Felix and Stevedore
© 2020 James LaFond
I have just completed Is You Sure, a novelette starring my hosts children from Portland as characters in my first juvenile work of fiction, spanning 8,011 words and 82 pages in Malgun Gothic 14 point.
Dust Cover
Big Tony has had the man who he refers to as James LaFond and The Great Writer, live with him and his sons for a total of seven months over two years. However, aside from being “the nicest guy” any of them have met, the three occupants of that small house on Split-tail Court still don’t know what James does out in the garage, or if he is really telling a tall tale when he claims to hold a 122-year-old slave in the shed.
When Big Tony is arrested and jailed for failure to wear a mask in a public safe space, the boys are faced with being abused by foster parents and must save themselves. Now its time they find out what secrets are held within the shed and…even the cryptic garage.
Dust Cover 3
To the Reader 4
No Mam 9
Mask Land 12
Boomer Bullshit 18
Is You Sure? 22
The Shed 29
The Garage 34
Rabbit Foot Run 42
The Bum 44
The Crumb 49
Wightning Hopkins 53
Destiny Fudgekiss 58
The Cops 65
Without the Hops 68
Like Da Devil Do 72
Buffalo Bob 77
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yusef of the dusk
the fighting edge
menthol rampage
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