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Don Pentecost and Marc MacYoung
A Knife Fighter Inquires about Training Manuals
Don Pentecost and Mark MacYoung
Sat, Jun 6, 5:23 PM (20 hours ago)
Hope you’re doing well, man.
Came across these, wanted to get your opinion on whether they’re worth the read or bullshit.

Don Pentecost's book, Put them Down and Take Them Out: Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison, is the best book on knife fighting ever written, with my book, the Logic of Steel being a distant second place. Read it and re-read it. I read that thing monthly for some time. Read Don for home defense last-ditch bloodbath advice.
MacYoung's work is good, and he had a bunch or knife encounters similar to mine, most being resolved without blood, though I'm sure he stabbed he shit out of one dude during a drug deal back in the 1980s. He carries a lot of posing bullshit with him, but is a good writer and has excellent views on dealing with the cops. Read Marc fro advice on negotiating nebulous peril and the PIG continuum.
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EriqueJun 7, 2020

Also, one I’m reading currently...

The Maul: Preparing for the Chaos of Close Combatives
responds:Jun 8, 2020

Sounds good, bro.
EriqueJun 7, 2020

Thanks for the download on these, man. Gonna pick up both today.
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