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Eight Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds
Surfing the Overton Railroad in a Gaslit World: June 6-15, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
I have just completed my last journal style book for I hope some while. It came in at 13,862 words for 88 pages in Arial 12 point.
I now intend to limit myself to fiction, poetry and fable for the summer, until history calls me further away from this sorry day.
Dust Cover
The war on the remnant American Mind was waged from the second Tuesday of March 2020 until the first Monday of June, achieving total submission to the Gaslight Guilt Machine and the bending of the Ivory knee to the Ebony Wee. As police are mopped up, society is reordered along medical-media lines of complaisance rather than at the forceful point of the gun, what is the character of this transmogrifying machine of social control we live within?
Since the greatest minds amongst the moral ruins of Western Civilization are busy kneeling before their 75-IQ God, the task has been left to a dyslexic, brain-damaged, high school dropout living as a hobo. Read at your own risk.
For T-Bone Shoop, who might have lived long enough to enjoy is deification, if only he had tied his shoestrings before darting across I-95 from the Baltimore County, Police.
“Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”
-The LORD thy God, First Commandment, Exodus 20
On Saturday, June 6, on a public health announcement in New Jersey, broadcast out of New York Healthcare Providers were directed to kneel to George Floyd and observe silence for the 8:46 seconds a police officer kneeled on that man’s head and neck. I cannot recall the day this was supposed to be observed, or what medical system was observing this genuflection. Rarely has a Christian church required that length of supplication from its flock.
Hence the unfortunate title of this book grew from the notion that whatever society worships in this manner, is both worthy of study and unworthy of respect.
Texas Retirement System? 7
Аrуаn Nomadism Handbook? 9
Don Pentecost and Marc MacYoung 14
Riot Training 16
A Twitter Friend Runs an Article through the Cracked Pottery Filter 16
The Proper Attitude 23
Among Drug Addicts and Assorted Scumbags 24
Words to Strive By 27
Bantuistan Confidential 31
In the City of the Gods 34
Gas Lighting 35
Mrs. MacLovely’s Lone Scruple 36
Affrighted Man Affronted God 40
Flags 45
Lunch in Maskland 47
Pith Helmet Reverie 50
The Mail Man 52
Working in Maskland 54
Freddie versus Floyd 56
Freeattle 58
Baynesville Stroll 59
My Gym 61
Pale Hunting 64
Emptying the Knucklehead Bordello 68
‘On a Dime’ 73
‘On a Dime’ 76
‘The Whole Nine Yards’ 79
Charlie 81
The Land Lady 84
‘The Zuweyla Gate’ 85
My Last Boxing Manual
books in progress
Darksome Dawn Complete
the first boxers
when you're food
winter of a fighting life
by this axe!
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