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A Text from Grant
“How’s the east coast?
“Are the Harm City Hood rats holding up?
“They beating the Murder City Devils (Detroit) in the skins game?
“Enjoyed the latest podcast. The conversation on tattoo culture, cracked me up. I think it is an archaic revival thing. If an inferior culture is promoted upon a population who has higher potential, they will always go down. What do you think?"

Grant, speaking of inferior culture being promoted upon [great word use here, recognizing commercialism in media as spiritual coercion] the only people out on foot are bantu warriors and they are plainly terrified of me as the only paleface braving the lockdown and them as well—one look at me they do a double take and think [their thoughts plainly visible] oh, shit, a white boy who ain’t afraid of the poleese or my black ass—make room negro! And they skip out of my way.
I have lost half of my safe houses in the east due to fear of me being a virus carrier. Since I was being observed and tailed by two paramilitary-law enforcement types in this evil town back in December, I cannot go to my #1 safe house, which has been made and I don’t answer calls when my phone is on and keep it off most of the time and always when I’m at safe house Double-G—a cushy crash-pad indeed.
I walk side streets and alleys and avoid main streets and only cross secondary streets not traversing along their axis.
I can’t get online while in Baltimore, so do not know how the boyz are doing rubbing each other out. But the unseasonably cold weather is reducing the target rich nature of side-walk society so the body count is probably down. I will be taking a safari into the bowels of this Once Great Medieval City soon.
Coming across country on an empty train I felt like the last Chinese emperor riding the iron dragon around the world. Now I feel like Chuck Heston in the Omega Man.
When external identity is forced upon a people, we are already speaking of a people or nation whose identity has already either been compromised due to being conquered [such as native American survivors adopting half-Anglo culture, including feminism replacing warrior values] and I believe it is as you state. Below are a few examples from antiquity;
-The Hellenes, under deep Egyptian Influence, circa 200 B.C. saw birthrates plummet and military power wane as the old Aryan values gave way to Africanized Asiatic cults.
-The Hebrews, conquered by the Hellenes and men such as Saul betraying Judaism according to Hellenic values and promoting break away Christianity among the Romans, were scattered to the winds of fate in A.D. 71, having been infiltrated enough by Hellenic values to have traitors such as Saul and Josephus undermine their national cultism.
-The Romans, in their term reverted to Hellenic values along with Christianity in the 300s under economic implosion, and then, and when that reinvention failed in the 400s they adopted Germanic values and limped on into the Dark Ages, under the same type of climate change and economic drag that is currently afflicting us.
Ironically, under civilization, the more vigorous, short-sighted and easily incited races, such as the Bantus and the Latinos will tend to outcompete the higher potential groups who have anchored their morality and hopes and vested their spirit and dreams in the promises [unfunded liabilities] of Civilization in order to realize that potential, as evidenced by the fact that palefaces are more likely to obey lockdown hysteria than are ebons.
I am walking through this hysterical urbania that did not get hysterical over 350 murders last year, but this year has spiraled into sheep behavior with the death of the discarded elderly in their death houses. Almost all the victims are people who were discarded through our modern derision of our elders. So, I surmise that this hysteria is part suppressed guilt and partly a reaction to the prospect of being treated in our prime or middle age as if we were the elders we cast into darkness.
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