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Hobo History
Cracked Pottery Under the Interrogation Lights
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This past week I spent a couple of days with a man and his children in Rural Maryland. I have known him since he was 15 and we both trained at the same gym. He builds websites and produces videos for youtubers. The room below the loft I stayed in is a studio with the big blaring lights and heavy cameras of the trade and even something that is called a boom.
The youtube channel will be called Hobo History.
The video target length is 15-25 minutes per subject.
We shot the following exhausting and hopefully not embarrassing videos, of my old ass sitting on a pro wrestling grade folding metal chair and then answering single question. These questions were:
-Why Read History?
-One I think, on my reading experience
-One I can’t recall
-What Different Types of Invasions Are There?
-A History of Policing
-A History of Policing Part 2
-Marcus Aurelius
-What Happened to the Roanoke Colony?
-Another I cannot recall

If you have a question about history that you would like me to run my mumble mouth about, find that Hobo History channel when it goes up and send Oliver the question and at some point, if it’s something I know enough about, we’ll shoot the video. If it is a question that stumps me, we will keep that profession of my ignorance as short as possible and drop a digit off of the length.
Thank you and take care.
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MarcusJun 27, 2020

I look forward to viewing the video series.
responds:Jun 28, 2020

I'm dreading it. The director noted my habits in the metal chair and I felt like I was listening to a description of a retard. Though he thought I was "gold."

I felt like old copper.
Ruben ChandlerJun 25, 2020

I'll certainly look for it!
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