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Exodus Aryas
Notes on Managed Decline: 6/28/20 – 7/2/20
© 2020 James LaFond
This book comes in at 12,763 words over 74 pages.
Most of it will be posted over the course of this summer as I pursue history and fiction.
Dust Cover
As America seemed—according to the media—to be losing its collective mind, the author, an ostracized weirdo writing and coaching and strolling through the long-ago criminalized anarcho-tyranny zone of Baltimore, Maryland, took the occasional time out to note Reality, to muse on a gray disparity, correspond with readers through an occasional ether window, and otherwise attempt to sketch life outside of a media filter. In the following journal find the impressions of a news-free mind from within a notorious crime-scape seemingly adrift beyond the media mind.
Learning to Fight Past Your Prime 6
Petrol Nomadism Notes 10
‘When I Say Stop, You Stop!’ 13
Devil Dick Day Ja View 22
WASPs 27
Ebony on Ebony Time 29
Raiding Party 32
Between Two Fires 33
Marooned on the Gashstone Shore 35
Indigenes 42
An Email Exchange with Piper Knife fighting System Founder Lloyd DeJong 47
Little Ron 50
‘Something Funny Happened Today’ 52
Here Is What I Think 54
Whispers from Ether Kin 57
Resisting Arrest 58
Down Defund Town 60
‘The Developing Situation’ 63
What is Your Problem? 66
Advent America Complete
books in progress
The Giver Completed
your trojan whorse
by the wine dark sea
orphan nation
black & pale
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