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Discontent Within
A Gentleman of the Rapier and a Thug of the Club Muse on the Redawn
By the way, recent events have had me wanting to write poetry. I only ever write poetry when there is a sense of discontent within me…My daughter tells me she can tell I’ve been reading Eliot lately, but I imagine you could give more practical advice. I just have this thing where I go red when challenged:
Adventures in Diversity: Mugging No. 2
I guess he needed my wallet more than I did
As I walked away from the cashpoint
On Boulevard de Magenta
Down the street from the fleabag joint
We were staying in
He came up behind me
right arm coming over my shoulder,
knife held to my throat
his left arm clenching my chest
to hold me back like a boulder
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Sir, I enjoyed this poem very much! Thank you.
Other than angst over whatever form renewed police violence against my feral paleface kind will take, I've been quite content with the resumption of my ancestral role.
It always drove me crazy when hwytish people would wring their sissy hands and go on about when Caucasian Americans would be once again a minority in the nation they took from the teaming majority and how that would be a bad thing, like being the only man in the seraglio was an imposition of old.
For a combatant to take a long layoff is almost always a bad idea.
When an entire meta-race puts away the sword for generation after generation only craven, whining, pining and crying sissydom can be the result.
Yes, someone is going to facebook to take down hish [not a typo] like!
I am feeling really good about the dawning world, a world in which our kind might resume our customary prehistoric and historic role: wander the face of a perilous place be fewer than our enemies be better than our would-be masters be free in the face of Time to court slutward Fate thrive in a world of appointed hate.
What else is a sword or a club for, but to mitigate the attentions of that which rises from the sewers to clog our boot treads?
Thanks for the nice read.
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let the world fend for itself
your trojan whorse
the gods of boxing
soter's way

DeniseJul 10, 2020

I'm surprised you believe that we'll be allowed to return to more traditional living. I'm thinking that this coming new type of government will enslave everyone with technology and make it impossible to live outside the grid. I believe that masks are only the beginning of accepting the authoritarian rule that's coming.
responds:Jul 11, 2020

I don't believe we will be allowed to return to any tradition by the slave masters.

If things fall apart then some of us who are human [maybe 5%] might find our way to a traditional life.
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