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On the Boardwalk
Wolf Age Mob-a-Physics
A pair of stooge palefaces are suckered and battered in the video below. Understand that many of his attackers have been so treated by their own and they therefore know intimately what they do and take joyful pride in their work as they hunt the only evil race in human history to its richly deserved end.
Reparations Recovery Work was once far more dangerous in the pre-BLM age. Now that only one kind of life matters, expect those individuals to develop a knightly sense of self esteem worthy of their slave master ancestors in the big house. Recall that medieval lords used to force serfs to settle their differences in combat with lowly tools.
I viewed this a few times, and what you have is 4 palefaces—1 wigger—in a dispute in the midst of a knightly mob. The vicious wigger sucker punches the mop-headed kid in the red shirt, then gets suckered himself by knightly class people into unconsciousness.
Red then runs away and returns to stomp the felled wigger and is in turn rundown and stomped by knightly mobsters and the risen wigger as well.
This is typical chimp-out behavior that I was once served up by the sons of Army officer in West Point New York when I was 9. This is a Darwinistic behavior in which the mob encourages a fight and then attacks the combatants when they are distracted or disabled.
The scene is a great metaphor for American politics and the coming yeti hunt.
This is totally avoidable and both combatants should have been skinned alive and hoisted onto the lifeguard chairs in Ocean City, Maryland.
We'll get there.
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