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Bitch Queen Metaphysics
Devil Dick and James Discuss Toxic Urban Zoo Slits
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Hounds of Aryаs?
Fri, Aug 7, 8:16 PM (4 hours ago)
I took this photo a while ago, and thought it was appropriate to send since you wrote Hounds of Aryаs. I see three pets in the photo at the ready to chew my face off. The lady let the pitbulls loose in that cramped little train to sniff me, I kept thinking of breaking its back legs and throwing it at its owner.
Anyways, I've noticed more couples like this around my neighborhood: a white lady with some violent dog, and her chocolate boyfriend. I suppose both the dog and the man serve the same purpose to these kinds of women: violent and stupid, easy to control, etc. I'm wondering if these sorts of diverse and tolerant bitch queen dog owners existed in the past. Perhaps they had humans as minions exclusively? Is this a new evolution in their arsenal, both the hounds and jamals of war?
Sincerely, Devil Dick

A little dirty blond bitch with a nice rack and two pitbulls, attended by her lesser-status two-legged beast is pictured failing to control her hounds with leashes but controlling her docile paramour with her mind alone as she straddles the world like the Goddess of us lowly palefaces.
I did not write hounds of Aryаs, but offered the concept to Marcus, who did write and publish it. My offering in the realm of Aryаn beast-wrangling will be titled Beasts of Aryаs.
Shamahat seduced Enkidu.
Ishtar summoned the bull of Heaven.
Hera cursed Herakles to fight the Nemean Lion.
Artemus ran with the beasts of the hunt her bow at the ready.
Grendel was the servant of his beast mother...
The Mother Goddess that screeches as vile Civilization for the eating of our very souls is endlessly enamored of easily wrangled and dangerous animals.
I viewed a commercial today on A&E while sitting with an older lady, which depeicted a pretty young woman married to a bulldog, with whom she watched TV, played chess and acted as mother, wife and yes goddess.
The Aryаs project is expanding and will be framed in detail soon, Devil Dick, with our dialogues to appear in Shrouds of Aryаs.
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Huerfano     Aug 8, 2020

Not really related to the post, but the mention of chocolate boyfriend brought up a question about white women who prefer them. My experience is that such women end up with huge trust issues, which I suspect is because their dark hued lovers probably have two or three on the go at any given time. Any thoughts?
James     Aug 8, 2020

Will write on this later and post as an article, probably tonight.

Thanks for the prompt.
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