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Sons of Aryas
Soul of the West Series Expansion by Marcus Casca and James LaFond
© 2020 James LaFond
This time last year the truth seeking portion of my mind became resigned to the idea that I would likely not complete the four volume series of history books on the rise and decline of the Аrуаns. These people, who in their many races conquered more of the earth than all other folks combined, have been cartooned by the defamed and the hair-brained alike, are due a sensible place in the carven stair of Time down which they have descended to this amnesiac day. The words Аrуаn, Iranian and aristocrat come from their ancient collective designation as the “excellent ones,” or “war bands.”
Seven months ago I met young Marcus, who expressed an interest in working on what I despaired of ever completing. The first volume, Sons of Aryas, had already grown large over five years. I was not sure how much he was willing to do. Since then I have completed Sons of Aryas and he has completed and published Hounds of Aryas and has also indicated a willingness to do three more volumes!
This offers an opportunity for each of us to continue our dialogue on this subject and examine it from our variant perspectives: a nomadic heathen and an academic Christian, an older man who is the product of the collapse and failure of Civilization into urban blight and a younger man who comes from a functional tradition that combines might and right.
The largest aspects of this project are two:
-examining the unparalleled success of Аrуаn conquest,
-reconciling this with the unfathomable sloth that afflicts their descendants.
Other than maintaining a dialogue, Marcus and I are conducting our studies and expositions as independent works. The four-thread approach may be deepened and expanded into:
The nine volumes of Soul of the West will be:
-1. Sons of Aryas,
Nomadic Аrуаn Warrior Traditions
-James, complete
-2. Hounds of Aryas
Animal Empathy in Аrуаn Warrior Traditions
-Marcus, complete
-3. Beasts of Aryas
War Beasts and Monsters in Аrуаn Myth and War
Epic focus: Beowulf, Gilgamesh,
James, 80% complete

Titles Reserved for Marcus
These to cover aspects of Аrуаn tradition and legacy as he sees fit subjects of exposition:
-4. Shades of Aryas
-5. Daughters of Aryas
-6. Tribes of Aryas

Titles Reserved for James
All to draw narratives from ancient ascent to postmodern descent with a focus on Аrуаn epics and a correlation with biblical aspects
-7. Songs of Aryas
Heroics in Аrуаn Tradition
Epic focus: Argonautica, Alexander, Song of Roland, Iliad
5% complete
-8. Shrouds of Aryas
The Sacred in Аrуаn Tradition
Epic Focus: Thucydides, Aeneid, Dyonisica
20% complete
-9. Norns of Aryas
Fate and the Feminine in Аrуаn Traditions
Epic Focus: Anabasis, Odyssey, Death of Arthur
Outlined only
Bitch Queen Metaphysics
a warrior be
‘Hope against the Dread’
when you're food
let the world fend for itself
the fighting edge
of the sunset world
Don Quotays     Aug 9, 2020

Looks like I need a new bookshelf.
James     Aug 10, 2020

Thank you!
shep     Aug 10, 2020

Helluva first effort by Marcus!
James     Aug 19, 2020

This is a really good book, and a pleasure to read.
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