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Hurtling into the Abyss
Richard Barrett and James Discuss Peace in Our Streets
© 2020 James LaFond
[My comments are in brackets with young Mister Barrett here taking the lead in the discussion.]

Richard Barrett
Mon, Aug 24, 10:28 PM (2 hours ago)
Hello James,
How are you?
[Travelling and putting to use the z-pack script my friend Doctor Dread gave me, as my ten-year-old sinus infection drains into my lungs and reminds me that this cracked hour glass does not get flipped back over again. This has been my worst writing month this year, but the cruel monkey on my back is determined to drive me on to another book soon.]
I am writing to tell you that I loved your latest piece, Paying Attention: 6/21/20, A Doctor Dread Tale" ( . In this short piece, you capture everything wrong with Contemporary America today.
[Doc is literally the best man I know and it hurts me to see my oft-times benefactor struggling to uphold values under terminal assault even as a scumbag hoodrat like myself shrugs off all responsibility and ends up making the same amount of money selling my goof ball books as he does saving lives and repairing bodies—for he looses money every month and does not make a dime. He has paid his winter heating bills by giving guitar lessons! Yet still, he stridently stands up for what he believes is right while I slink out of harm's way.]
Your observation that "The war [Western] bands spent ages conquering more populous nations. Then they held off the teeming forces of the House of Submission to the Moon, then went forth and subdued a world at bad odds, taking some nations of millions down with hundreds pitted against tens of thousands. Our outnumbered ancestors defeated proud warrior nations! Now we cringe in our feedlot stalls against the rising tide of violent cowards!"
[Wow, I must have wrote that wile I was drinking that generic 151 rum—that's pretty good. Thanks for reminding me.]
This is it, right here. I have always believed that if the youth of America learned the old tales of the Western Warriors, they would set aside all Video Games of Fantasy, Crime, Superheroes, and Rap Music. All that crap can't hold a candle to the exploits of the heroes of old.
[Sissies fear the hero song with a quibbling dread as their barely measurable soul squirms and slithers for the inner yoke that is their plush shade cage. I believe that modern humans of mainstream type, liberal and conservative and many fringe characters share a deep and abiding dread of being called upon to be strong. Most of our fellows are addicted to weakness.]
Everyone is talking about rising violence and domestic abuse and all that...if you educated our young men on the stories of these legends of old, you could cut all that out instantly.
[Functional combatants rarely abuse women and children. That is why our moral chattel system has been set up since before I was born to punish the man who avenges or protects a non-combatant. This increasing violence, the suppression of which is the business of the State, thus causing State growth, and all social organisms instinctively seek growth. The recent move to punish municipal police for protecting, I read as a gambit for eventual expansion of private, state, medical, eduational and federal policing.]
My grandpa was raised without a dad; his own dad died when he was 3 years old. When he was 16, he had to drop out of school to work to provide for his mom and sisters. He what we would now call today "learning disabilities", so school was tough for him anyway, and his teachers relentlessly told him how dumb he was.
Back then, they didn't have anything like "self-esteem building" or any of the Postmodern nonsense, but you know what they did have?
My grandpa's favorite TV cowboy was Cheyenne Brody. He also loved the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, and Gunsmoke.My grandpa also loved John Wayne and all the rest of the 1950s movie cowboys.
[Early TV and movies took on the old oral and literary tradition of celebratory if often tragic role modeling for young people in a positive way so that the medium would gain legitimacy. Just like news that once reported according to certain ethics against preaching and propaganda developed trust that is now abused. Note that senior citizens are more easily duped by the lies in the news, based on their high level of preexisting trust in the previous type of TV media. Now all TV and movies do the opposite of positive modeling, especially for boys, as boys grow into men and men willing to take direct action are the natural enemies of the sorcerers and manipulators that rule from the shadows.]
And you know what? Those guys on TV and the Silver Screen reenacting the exploits of our Empire Builders fighting Bandits and Indians from Sea to Shining Sea gave him his moral code. Though he lived rough, drank, fought, and sometimes got in trouble with the law, he still worked hard, got back on the straight and narrow, and got married and had two kids—one of which was my mom.
[Our current paradigm is set up to deny that rough tempering road, the guiding principles that saw him through, and most importantly the result. Our current system is green and anti-space colonization, meaning that managers of prosperity areas are to discourage breeding and use excess population from lower agency countries for population replacement. Our rulers want entire continents as nature preserves.]
Where would I be without these Western Warrior Epics of Old? I don't know. I do know my grandpa had never even heard of Marijuana until he was 20 years old, and he was no choir boy. Can you imagine that? Today that's unthinkable.
When I see kids going down a bad path, many of whom are poor, whether living in a trailer park, the hood, what have you, I think about my grandpa and his role models—and then I look at the role models of these guys.
These Rappers who they look up to, they are complete and total losers. They're not tough. They can't fight. They don't stand up for the weak and the oppressed. They're selfish entitled whining brats—every single one of them. And we as society glamorize that. We make our men want to be them and our women want to be with them. And who is there to oppose them? The Superhero Mythology of Marvel and DC? The Star Wars franchise?
[This is why rap has been pushed harder, deeper and broader than any music form of modernity and why it started out with a message of defiant, if soiled, masculinity and devolved directly into hyper-emasculation. Just look at the physical degeneration of the performers. Superhero mythology was brought into replace the cults of saints and angels and most importantly to negate ideas of heroism by a normal human. It is related to the public school system, which was started to stifle catholic culture, which had its own schools. All superheroes are either altered, have unique Olympian powers or are rich, and almost all of them work with Law Enforcement against bad guys who are all members of the most civil demographic of Reality, but in comics are, like in serial killer mythology, the devil race, us.]
Those series' have been robbed of their vital, inspiring essence long ago, and society sells their cartoonish exploits as "kid stuff" anyway. When you're a man, you go to the Rappers. That's how far society has fallen.
I go to a fight gym to get tortured and humiliated and laugh at because of my distinct slow physical learning pace, and then after class do my own PT in the corner and get the reputation of an autistic repetitive pariah freak, because of the fire lit in me by the old time Westerns my grandpa and I like to watch together, and because of the historical war epics I like to watch on my own.
[My own inspirational movies are Cool Hand Luke, High Plains Drifter and The Outlaw Josey Wells. It seems that realistic movies of struggle came to an end in the middle 1970s.]
Those movies gave me my moral code when I met Middle Eastern refugees being killed by dictators and terrorists, and made me understand there is something more out there than just me and my petty problems—that evil is out there, whether at home or abroad, whether motivated by greed and called Criminals or whether motivated by Ideology and called Terrorists. And they helped me understand that it's only the Strongman that keeps those evil forces at bay so that the weak and oppressed can grow strong and free and prosper.
[A close recent look at 1950s and 1960s westerns, such as Rio Bravo and The Magnificent Seven, reveal them to have deep roots and vile seeds of hero-negating masculine cuckery, with Wayne's protagonist in Rio Bravo never permitted to strike first and the doomed riders of the Seven preaching that they were not heroes, but that the peasants unwilling to defend themselves were the real heroes for working hard for no reward and letting themselves be bullied. I reviewed both over the last year. I now root for bad guys in movies, like the ork generals in the final hobbit movie and Eli Wallach in the Magnificent Seven and James Coburn over Charlton Heston in The Last Hard Men, because I now realize that the weak and/or self-hating heroes of these movies were the first nails in our masculine coffin, and the bad guys are now us.]
I sure as heck don't go to the gym for Eminem.
And that brings us to the next part of the equation that you masterfully discuss: "The emasculation of America was conducted under the disgusting doctrine of “white supremacy” by which ivories are supposed to be delicate, intellectual brain trusts protected from ebonies and tobaccos by blue-uniformed thugs. This has rendered us into a single unnatural race of sissies, when our ancestors had been men of many proud warrior races."
[Hundreds of times I have been threatened and derided by bantu thugs with the sneering term "white-boy" even uttered by men a third my age recently and the indicting admonishment, "white-man," it always being clear in the context of the threat that I was weak and a sissy and a mark and despised because I was not man enough to defend myself, that I had to rely on the army of blue coats to come to my rescue. Of course, I now know that the term white as a racial noun was originally used in early modern times to designate European sex slaves under non-Christian bondage who were kept inside and if male castrated, in Africa, the Middle East and Turkish Europe. Read the Song of Solomon for a biblical example.]
This truly is the most evil of ideologies, and not in the way that most people think. Me and a good friend of mine, who used to be Military Faculty at a high level institution of military higher learning, for about 2 years were working overtime to figure out the historical roots of this sick system, talking on the phone nearly everyday comparing notes. We came to the conclusion that Ron West came to, though each in our own roundabout ways.
Reading Ron West's website, I see he came to it through his work with the Indian tribes. My Military Faculty friend came to it through his interest in the Hebrew roots of the Bible. I came to it through my love of the Western Warrior in its Roman, Greek, and Victorian British incarnations.
We came to the conclusion that it started unintentionally with Plato, was spread by his cultish Neo-Platonic gnostic followers, was spread by Cartesian Duality, Kantian and Hegelian Metaphysics, and ending up with our Postmodern Nightmare Princes Gramisci, Derrida, Lacan, and Fouccault.
[Jason Resa Jorjani, in Prometheus and Atlas does an excellent job of explaining the anti-God nature of these thinkers, culminating most grotesquely in the French Revolution, demonstrating specifically how each of these built on the other. I regard Plato as a fantasist—for he, like all utopian thinkers is engaged in fantasy as coercion. Aristotle had to break away to maintain his search for the Unmoved Mover and the Cause Uncaused.]
These losers, they said that if you reject all conflict and action and the body that is the necessary vehicle for such, you ascend to a higher realm of existence, purely mental, and you are no longer human.
People talk about the "Transhuman Plot" in conspiracy theory circles these days, and they don't realize that it's not something new. This logic has been around forever, and this picked up terrible, terrific steam in intellectual circles in the 19th Century.
[Nice observation.]
The difference between now and then was, we didn't have the real world kept back so far at bay with the artificial artifice of technology. So these ideas, they were kept cowering in their intellectual spider holes where they belonged—until they weren't!
[Brilliant...this is the story of our End Time, which will hopefully kickstart a new cycle of emerging Reality.]
The processes to reject all conflict and action and the neccesary vehicle of the body take many forms...Deviant Sex of all kinds, Modern and Postmodern Art, literal Witchcraft, Transgenderism.
[Do keep in mind, that with the compliance of almost all Christians, when they were told by tyrants, and news priests and their pastors to "stay home with God," that what that did, other than pave the way for the ascension of Floyd and the rise of BLM as a religion, that it made you and any other devout Christian with the guts to congregate against the edicts of our 50 latter day Herods, the witches and warlocks and heretics in the eyes of most Americans. Do not think that any significant aspect of the government system of control retains any functional respect for your faith as anything other than a potential insurgency. Reread Mark and Mathew on the Loaves and the Fishes and you will see many parallels for today's religious persecution. As I write this at 12:17 A.M. Mountain Time on 8/25/20, my editor sent me the following text:
"Rioters in Charlotte are chanting "Fuck You Jesus."
[You know, if The Lion of Judea chooses soon to return, he might want to bring Thor along with him to dish out proper rewards. Please, my Christian friends and readers, however many of you have put up with my heathen antics, know that you are looking at 2nd Century A.D, levels of Roman persecution to soon return. The Government will not protect you. Just as the King of Norway in 1000 A.D. was boiling heathens alive for not accepting Christ, driving them to arctic Greenland, cities will no longer be safe for you under the New Faith.]
It's all there, and even the whole idea of Francis Fukuyama's "The End of History '' complies with this idea: as a world of consumers, all we have to do is consume to excess in opulent luxury. Then we will reject all conflict and action and the necessary vehicle of the body.
For me, this is why Liberal and Conservative look more and more the same these days—with the Left actually knowing what it's doing and the Right following unwittingly along like the kid brother that mom forced to take out with you to see your friends.
[There are zero American Right people. Even so called White Nationalists are liberals who want a white picket fence guarded by a police force. If I were political, maybe I would be one, meaning a militant monarchist. But there has never been an American traditionalist movement since Washington cucked out and remained in bed with his co-conspirators, and sold the fighting man down the river of Time when he declined kingship. Conservatism is absurd on its face—conserve what? Our two party system is just the political manifestation of the Greatest Lie Ever Sold, the machinery of America's foundational false polarity.]
And what has this done? It has indeed, "Made our thinking men into cowards and our fighting men into fools" as goes the old slogan often wrongly attributed to Thucydides.
And—and this is an argument I have never seen made before, amazingly, because it is right in front of our eyes—it hurts our relationship with groups of other colors and creeds, and indeed, breeds a racism that is as sick and virulent as it is pathetic and impotent.
You want to bring peace between the races and religions? I am with you. But how can you make peace with groups that respect warriors, fighting, conflict, action, and the necessary vehicle of the body—much less traditions, ancestors, and heritage—when you hate all these things yourself?
[I do not think that peace between races or religions is a good idea. Without enemies we must be sissies and chattel forever. I don't think humanity could improve as a unified species unless we did battle with our cosmic prison at the end of the Milky Way and fought our way out into space. Stuck here in this soiled planet, if we all must be friends and exist for the good for the greatest number we must diminish into sub-humans, which, I believe, most of us have. In my view, most of us have sold our souls for an easy chair and a pension.]
You can't be friends with anybody if you don't have commonly shared interests or values. And sadly, the Western world has evolved into this sick beast where we have no more commonly shared interests or values with the rest of the world. Going overseas on a one week missionary or aid trip to nail some 2x4s together and take pictures with the local kids—or doing the same thing down the street and taking pictures with the kids in the hood—isn't bridging the divide between the races and religions. It's just making you feel good about yourself by giving you self-aggrandizing material to put in your social media feed.
And in the end, you cannot love any of the things I mentioned—warriors, fighting, conflict, action, and the necessary vehicle of the body—much less traditions, ancestors, and heritage—when you absolutely not only hate these things yourself, but also actually hate YOURSELF.
[Self-hatred by our kind has been the keystone of American society since I was a child.]
What is conflict? It's "Hey, I'm not gonna let this guy beat the crap out of me and take all my stuff and rape my wife and sell my kids into slavery. I'm worth more than that." If you hate yourself, you don't get that mentality. You can't survive the killing fields of Iraq or Afghanistan or Egypt where many of my refugee friends came from by hating yourself. You hate yourself and you die—and dying is the most humane part of that process.
It's true what Neitzsche said that "You can't be a good friend unless you are a good enemy." It took me many years to learn this, but when I did, it was like the light bulb went on. It is because of what Jesus said in Mark 12:31, "Love your neighbor as YOURSELF", and what Aristotle wrote in Nicomachean Ethics, Boox IX, Chapter IV "“...He is related to his friend as to himself (for his friend is another self)" and again in Nicomachean Ethics Book IX Chapter XII “...As a man is to himself, so he is to his friend”
[It is interesting that Aristotle was the more treasured of he and Plato in medieval Christendom and that with modernity, Plato and his utopian bullshit became the thinking standard. You know, he failed miserably as apolitical advisor in Sicily.]
When will we learn this?
[We will not, not collectively, only a tiny minority have ever known anything truthful other than violence, which is the only truth left to low-minded and is the golem clay of the mob.]
Why is it so hard?
[Most people are stupid, greedy subhuman slime who can never know any truth in life and when it kills them, well, their time for acting is over.]
If you want peace in our streets, if you want to win our wars, if you want your kids to grow up into honorable, decent, noble people—then you will understand this message and apply it.
[I do not think that peace in American streets and winning wars are combatable. The only wars we ever one against more than token lap-dog enemies were won when American city streets were not safe to be walked by any lone unarmed man, where any lone woman with looks would be abducted and sold into a whore house by a cop, where gangs ran rampant and when men fought with fists as a matter of course. Besides, American wars, since I was a child, were all evil or misguided interventions in nations that did not threaten to land troops on our shores. The U.S. just bombs and murders abroad to keep support at home and do the bidding of military industrialists, infotech creeps and globalists. Honor, decency and nobility are the very qualities America is dedicated to erasing among its best men. Because, a large proportion of decent, honorable men of noble character would not tolerate such a feckless System. The proof is in the urban pudding. Plantation America is returning, and that was a place were only a tiny minority were granted honorable status. A reading of the founding documents makes it clear that the only men honored in this nation were to be those who owned the bodies or services or debts of other lesser men. This nation has kept that promise. The super rich are getting richer and are virtually worshipped for it. If only an army of a few million space orks would land with battle axes and Viagra pumps under their scale mail then maybe we would have a chance for redemption. But, Richard, we are a nation of sissies. Perhaps men of your young age will see the rise of a New Age where everything is not fake, gay and phony. I, I will die under the pyre of the Golden Lie, as fiends and faɡɡots and harlots prance and cavort on the corps of a year of broken promises—with U.S betrayal of Indian treaties round about the number of days in the year. As I write, the west is burning, forests igniting like the sissy cities of the leased beast in the east. Perhaps the Grey God has awakened? I have been praying for his return.]
Until we do, we will never have any of those things, and will continue hurtling into the abyss—with a few Charles "Chinese" Gordons of Khartoum to stand tall to the last to slow the descent.
[Young Sir, that is worth it all, for just one or a few heroes to come out of this sewer of a nation! In my view, only they go to heaven and the rest of us are nothing but shadows and dust.]
Keep on keeping on!
Richard Barrett

Great writing job here, Richard. I sincerely think that the only chance for a marginally decent America is for every city to burn and fail and thus demonstrate that The God of Things always eats its own and that there is something greater above our empire of sloth that disapproves of us all snorting at the ever-full trough.
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C8     Aug 25, 2020

As soon as riches came to be held in hounour, and brought glory, imperium, and power, virtue began to grow dull; poverty was seen as disgraceful, innocence as malevolence. Therefore because of wealth, our youths were seized by luxury, greed and pride; they stole and squandered, coveted other people's property, contemptuous of modesty and chastity, of everything divine or human, they were without thought or restraint.

The senator and historian Sallut, late 40s BC
James     Aug 26, 2020

Thanks for this C8.
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