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Armed Citizens
Electric Dan Reports on the Blick and Blew Alliance
© 2020 James LaFond
8/26/20 9:21 AM (9 hours ago)
I don’t know if you are aware of what has happened in Kenosha Wisconsin recently. Basically a black guy wasn’t cooperating with police and looked like he was going for a gun, so they shot him Sunday afternoon and there’s been three days of rioting, looting, and arson. There is video of blm people basically holding diners hostage at a restaurant demanding they swear allegiance to blm. The greatest thing to come from this is a church they set on fire and the church sign says “we support black lives matter “ while the church and all the cars in the parking lot are burning.
Kenosha is where [Redacted] went to college, and a place we would take weekend trips to and stay at a hotel overlooking Lake Michigan. They have a lot of nice shops and restaurants etc. [Redacted] was pretty mad watching clips of a such a nice place basically destroyed.
There were armed citizens trying to defend certain areas and an police armored vehicle that allowed themselves to be surrounded by blm types carrying guns and the police vehicle just stopped and allowed it. I couldn’t help but get the impression the cops were almost forcing the civilians into defending themselves. It’s a miracle that some of these guys haven’t opened fire on these mobs. I wanted to just watching it.
Thought you might be interested.
Thank you and take care my friend
-Electric Dan
Correction there already was a shooting by a non-rioter

My electric friend, thank you so much for the report.
The possible arrest, persecution, civil suit and hate crime persecution of the shooter defending the car dealership will be something to watch.
Recall that when Korean store owners armed to defend their shops against Bantu hordes during the LA riots 30 years ago, that the LAPD disarmed and ran off all employees, relatives or concerned fellows and only permitted actual owners to defend!
From your report and what I briefly saw, I do not conclude that the blews and the blicks are on the same side, but that the blews, being natural cowards and bullies and having seen higher status police departments thrown under the bus by their civilian handlers and assailed by the media which operates solely under police protection, are sticking their moist fingers in the air, moistened like a child's thermometer, in an attempt to be on the side of the winners. Some municipal cops have been told by federal agents to stand down, that their higher ups will throw them under the bus. It will be very interesting if the refusal of police to defend themselves and others, will bring armed citizens—by definition fools—out in the open to do illegal police work and if that will result in them being arrested.
This is an important case to watch.
If an ivory uses a firearm to defend against NGO operatives he will face one or more of the following threats:
-Arrest, which may include torture and beatings by screws or crooks in jail.
-Ostracism by his employer, who will fire him. Indeed, I was once fired by an employer in 1983 for defending myself against a two-man attack by men I saw and reported were stealing from the employer! that story is in Thriving in Bad Places.
-Felony charges, the same as which cops face for using force against blicks.
-Law suits by NGOs and family members of the martyr.
-Local, state and or federal hate crime charges
-Media spotlighting and direct NGO attacks of family, home, business and self
-Expulsion from church
-Expulsion from school
-Disowning by friends and family
-Being framed as a racial "supremacist"
-Black-listed from future employment
-Refusal of medical care, unemployment and welfare benefits
-De-platforming by InfoTech companies
-Contract murder will probably not come into play unless the actor somehow survives the legal and social minefield above. I expect contract murder against American Traditionalists to come into vogue as a regular death squad activity around about 2024, though it will be characterized as something else.
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Electric Dan     Aug 26, 2020

The shooters personal information was shared everywhere and supposedly BLM and Antifa are going to Antioch after his house and family.
    Aug 26, 2020

second order tabooing is a key aspect of this new paradigm.
Rod     Aug 27, 2020

Would you be so kind to explain second order tabooing ? I’ve bought and read taboo you when it first came out and can’t seem to recall the second Order tabooing . Can’t reference back to the book because I’ve given it away so the young men can read it and have options as to how they could are should live their lives . Thanks
    Aug 27, 2020

Thanks, Rod. I just replied in an article that is now posted.
T-Rex     Aug 28, 2020

This whole thing is a sham designed to distract us from the REAL truth, that the earth is flat. No lives matter until flat earth is an accepted fact!
    Aug 28, 2020


Finally sense reigns in a small corner of the world!
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